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  1. Going around knocking on random doors while completely sloshed at 6 am is definitely enough to make teams think twice when he's already only being considered for backup positions at late draft spots. Someone will still take him, but some teams may not after this.

  2. I'm sure an arrest for public drunkening will affect his career, but it will not affect how I look at him, which is all I care about. It's not one of the bad arrests

  3. Defense is Swiss cheese, as usual

  4. Funny then that your Swiss keeper was the only one doing his job

  5. As someone who enjoys Kim P, it feels like upside down world that she’s performing at the Grammys. Even though it’s not her song.

  6. It is absolutely her song. If you just read the lyrics or heard the beat, you would say "This is obviously a Kim Petras song" and you would be right.

  7. Dances with wolves is lit tho. “It’s just a retelling of a great story, ugh 🙄”

  8. I wish "Avatar" had just been "Dances with Wolves" in space, that would've been good

  9. Not as hilariously anti-climactic as the 'Boys running out of time last year but pretty damn close

  10. This game is going to come down to whether Maher can hit an extra point

  11. Maher has sure brought a lot of suspense to making routine field goals

  12. Okay, the two guys arguing over who let the cat in; what is their relationship exactly? I really don't get gay couple vibes from them, but their place is so nice that it doesn't seem like a roommate situation.

  13. It's not that it's clean, it just looks expensive. That's a settlin'-down start-a-family house in the suburbs

  14. As we're watching Chiefs/Jaguars (obviously an undercard, a warmup for the main event) I ask you: Who would you rather move on to the next round, Engram or Toney?

  15. Am I the only person who finds this song incredibly annoying?

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