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  1. They already kept the reds in the dark, literally. I think they would have things like inhibitors collars, more security, etc

  2. I just took it as Mat’s personality becoming more bold as his fondness of lace grew

  3. Might as well. They put it there for that reason

  4. Your last two posts here were about character casting? Start a conversation about something else if you want to see it. Break the chains.

  5. G-Boss, J-Lens, NJP Cam, Eye Of Sauron

  6. Human kind can not gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain something of equal value must be lost. That is Alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. -Alphonse Elric

  7. We’ll Ryker hasn’t hooked up with anyone, so by comparison it’s tame

  8. Maybe she had a larger/more engaged audience? Number of Facebook comments aren’t the arbitrator of morality.

  9. Future Admiral Brad Boimler travels back in time for this

  10. I would honestly love that... or would it be William Boimler? He might be more willing to throw his former friend under the bus, considering he did the same with Brad.

  11. I love Lower Decks, but the depiction of an initial “betrayal” is hardly ever the real story. If I’m guessing, Rutherford probably invented something amazing and someone goes back in time to stop him. So Boyms has to go back too so he can save Sam.

  12. Many other voice actors, of all backgrounds, have not been asked to apologize for voicing characters outside their demographic. I didn’t understand why she got so much hate at the time.

  13. I think a number of actors on Big Mouth and some other shows also stepped down around the same time. So it's not her alone.

  14. A quick Google shows you’re sorta right. But it was 6 months later and a got a tenth of the media coverage.

  15. Their premise was solid, execution was lacking.

  16. I enjoy it for a light hearted comedy. Good filler until more movies come out and I’ll always take Daredevil in any form.

  17. No shade but it’s just not as much of a sacrifice without looming back to back combat deployments

  18. “You! Troll!" Sevro shouts. "I'm a terrorist warlord! Stop throwing me. You made me drop by candy!”

  19. Ninja Turtles Cowabunga collection wasn’t as expensive as that, but well worth the purchase. Enjoy my money Konami.

  20. The other lives the portal stone showed

  21. Eben Hopwills quote to rand about being able to channel saidin clean upon reread. Also Narishma telling the Aes Sedai to remember Hopwill. It all hurts lol

  22. That part about remembering Hopwill killed me

  23. I want 15 episodes per book minimum. A 2 hour movie is not enough time

  24. Better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all

  25. Yeah, I'm not taking the bait. They're just the Proud Boy's and Co uniform store. Like if Tapout had even more fragile male insecurity problems.

  26. Asking for a tangible example of your argument isn’t baiting.

  27. Agreed. Point is, if you want to support businesses that donate to Veterans or other causes you care about, you're not limited to cringe, tryhard, lifestyle brands that make being boot an identity.

  28. No one said you were limited, and this isn’t a remark about your personal choices, just venting. People forget those companies, especially GS, were instrumental in getting billions in Veteran mental healthcare and cancer treatment passed, along with at least 5 other bills holding the DOD accountable for negligent burn pit use over the last few years. They used their platform of “boots” to have multiple rallies at the Capitol, and had thousands of Veterans contacting their representatives to make actual change regarding living conditions, Veteran memorials, and countless other issues. Other people just don’t seem to care the self awarded cool points they get from dunking on a brand they don’t like impacts more than the small screen the hold.

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