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  1. Did JTG kept the Cryme Tyme theme after breaking up? Shad got the iconic SvR'11 menu music but I don't think JTG got a new one.

  2. Yeah he kept it minus the “Yo, yo, yo, yo” intro

  3. Yes that has definitely never happened before

  4. Then he should go after just the WWE title at Mania lol rather than split them later.

  5. Why would you go after only 1 title when you can have 2 instead?

  6. You don't think the Sami match will be equally big? Two years of high quality storytelling has got to lead to a Great payoff match.

  7. That's not how TNF works. Every team (or close to it) has to be on TNF at least once per season. Otherwise teams like the Jags, Browns, Lions would be on 3 or 4 times per year.

  8. Every team has to get a Thursday game, not necessarily TNF. Like the Giants had 1 Thursday game this year, but it was the Thanksgiving game on Fox

  9. Honestly can’t wait for the “Montreal………Acknowledge Me” after Roman beats Sami

  10. You could have him reluctantly rejoin only to fully turn during/after that match. Which will set up a post title story all of them

  11. This is honestly the worst Royal Rumble I have ever seen . The lack of legends in the Rumble this year was depressing

  12. People care way to much about surprise appearances that have pretty much never have any bearing on the result

  13. She’s always been decently over

  14. Such a mixed bag on this one. Obviously hes the Rock and he's going to get a huge pop and be fun, but I also don't need more retired guys coming in to derail already established storylines.

  15. If you have a chance to do Roman-Rock but you don’t you should Be fired

  16. Yeah this doesn’t sound any different to what was reported yesterday

  17. Randomly popped into my head that Quintana still hasn’t been issued a number.

  18. 2015 Orton with elbow pads and occasional different colored trunks

  19. Legendary Italian football club owner Mike Piazza

  20. idk how realistic it is, but i hope ryan newman can get in it someday

  21. Newman is technically as close to a Hall of Famer as you can get. Considering he was 1 position on track away from being a champion and about 600 ft from being a 2x Daytona 500 champion

  22. What does Rudd have that Edwards doesn't?

  23. He taped his eyes open that one time

  24. Didn't think he'd be back after his very vocal disagreements with NASCAR last Fall. He did a good job last year glad he's back.

  25. He’s had like 10 very vocal disagreements with NASCAR and they always work through it

  26. NBC is getting into the subreddit's favorite game "How to Fix the Playoffs"

  27. Their next article will be about the greatest conspiracy theories

  28. I didn’t even recognize him. You could have told me this was a random business guy and I would have believed you.

  29. I mean he kinda is a random business guy

  30. A classic one, and in my opinion the most believable, is that NASCAR rigs qualifying for the Daytona 500. Easy enough to do, starts the season with a storyline (Danica, AD in the 3, Gordon's final season, etc.), and because of the Duels and Daytona being a Superspeedway it wouldn't have a huge impact on the actual race.

  31. With how chaotic the 2015 qualifying was I don’t think there’s any way they could’ve guaranteed a Gordon pole

  32. That NASCAR pays someone to post this same question on Reddit every month to consistently gauge the fanbase

  33. The Nascar HOF is extremely easy to get into compared to other sports. Larson and Elliott are already 100% locks with their cup championships + Elliott having an Xfinity championship

  34. Is it really extremely easy anymore with 3 inductees? Like is there really anyone in the Hall that you don’t think should be there

  35. Gotta love some casual sexism getting upvoted.

  36. What's the TLDR as to why hair plugs was ruining his voice?

  37. Apparently anesthesia paralyzed his vocal cords

  38. It all went downhill when Toyota tried those remote controlled cars that nearly killed him

  39. This was wild. It was so controversial that NASCAR decided to run the entire race over again. Jean and Ricky retired, Cal didn’t race out of protest, and Brian Wavecrest was banned for life for causing the earlier wreck.

  40. It’s pretty wild hearing the ESPN A crew calling a Goody’s Dash Race.

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