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  1. Taylor's death was genuinely so fucking disturbing, and interspersing it with the shower scene made no sense to me.

  2. I’m watching it right now and it’s making me so angry I genuinely don’t care about there relationship anymore, I hate them. Him dying was so genuinely tragic, what the actual fuk was that. I hope they break up I’m honestly sick of them as characters wtf. I know logically that it was just shit editing but it makes me hate their characters.

  3. I can’t guarantee it’ll fit all the stuff your looking for as I’m only on chapter 10 right now but ‘king of flesh and bone’ might be a good fit! I’ve definitely been enjoying it so far, he’s pretty powerful and a major d!ck.

  4. Yes. You can’t search by user ID so it doesn’t really matter

  5. It’s just a weird call for a child centric business 🤷

  6. I’m not trying to complain to you? I’m just making general points to what you said, you seem kinda defensive in all your responses and it’s kinda confusing 😂 I’m not trying to attack you or anything bud 🙂👍🏻

  7. It looks like a prototype 🤣 the hands look sooo messed up

  8. Nah, it’s not even put together like an actual bab, the legs are sewn on separately so it’s a pain to stuff and unstuff completely

  9. I’m doubtful on it being a whole collection, I feel like it’s just gonna be the boring white one with the 25th paw. I would adore if they brought back the red one but I’m not super hopeful they actually will, at the end of the day it’s bab, they do a lot of things half @ssed and don’t listen to there audience. I hope you can get one!

  10. Nah, I looked it up in this Reddit to get an answer and the most recent post I did find just had a bunch of meme ish answers so I wanted to see if he actually said anything about it.

  11. Floppy kitty & triceratops are next. Someone posted picks in bab elite

  12. Bab is disappointing me, why only rerelease the ugly ones?? The heart pup was ok but cheaply made and the Teddy was cute, still haven’t gotten him yet so I can’t speak on the quality but overall I’m just disappointed with these 25th anniversary, these next to just look fuggly

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