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  1. Narcist dropping on Ig after Royal Rumble

  2. Homixide names worse than dubbed anime names 💀💀

  3. Old man voice 🔥 Facebook 🔥 old man era 🔥

  4. Ironically Owen Hart did the biggest flip in wrestling history

  5. Lil bih you better be ready 🧛🏻‍♀️

  6. When taliban infiltrate lil bih you better be ready 🧛🏻‍♀️

  7. You know he was bawling when R.I.P played.

  8. This post made me realize that Hidan is Sakon’s worst nightmare in terms of mismatches 💀

  9. Thinking about...since Sakon/Ukon are twins, if hidan were to get a sample of one of their blood, will it kill both of them?

  10. They’re kinda conjoined so i guess 🤔

  11. lil pump Carti song (Playboi Carti verse only) 🔥

  12. Carti in glasses always looks like he in an anime

  13. Not a singular bar but fuck it.

  14. Long Time my favorite rap ⛷️

  15. Oh shit i thought this was Victoria. Similar name

  16. I don’t necessarily agree. I think it comes down to the fact that erry is not a professional skateboarder and in many ways has compromised skating for his image - skaters aren’t going to fuck with that. There are plenty of pro skateboarders in their bag who still hold the respect of core skaters.

  17. Is Tony Hawk considered a goat in the community??

  18. Apart from some slight criticism for taking a couple questionable brand deals, TH is fs seen as a goat / holds a massive amount of respect in the community

  19. That’s coo. I’m sure you’ve seen this but this shit crazy

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