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  1. Becoming a captain is arguably a far better way of surpassing Byakuya and becoming his own man than staying as his subordinate.

  2. How would he exactly surpass Byakuya by simply filling an empty captain space?

  3. I cannot believe that so many people are acting like Hunter Hunter is some obscure thing they’ve never heard of.

  4. I love Hunter x Hunter with all my heart, but literally all of those are More popular than HxH, except maybe Fairy Tail

  5. Did You really use "woke"? Jesus christ man, You really need to step off the computer and go take a shower or something

  6. Are you seriously arguing to see the perspective of the racist people? Like, did You really just wrote that?

  7. My guy. Every organization, even only looking at One Piece, is led by the strongest. From the Buggy Pirates in East Blue, through Kuro, Krieg, etc, through Baroque Works, Enel's forces, etc, the Whitebeard Pirates, the Marines, the Donquixote Family, the Big Mom Pirates and Beast Pirates, literally every organization is headed by the strongest with a strength based chain of command.

  8. Someone quoting a major scene from a movie, around people that just saw that movie, and people laughing to it? unbelievable, that's just straight up impossible

  9. Ok but who Is on the bottom of the sea and who Is now a Yonko lol, there's nothing that suggests that this civilian killing piece of shit ever worked harder than Luffy

  10. Nah, fuck Diavolo, he had It coming, end of story

  11. As I have always said, I'll treat Yammy as the Strongest Espada when Kubo treats Yammy as the Strongest Espada

  12. With how beaten broken and crestfallen the two powerful captains were upon return to SS and the scene in hm...

  13. It's not like both of them were fighting each other as well, with Zaraki being already badly wounded from His Nnoitra fight

  14. To advance romantically, not sexually. You really think she wanted to fuck him in a random forest?

  15. Even if she wanted to, I'm sure the whole "throwing her to the ground and starting going at It like a fucking maniac " part changed that

  16. My first one was in the labyrinth in gerudo region, I arrived by flying and just dropped in some random part of the maze, I almost threw the switch when those things appeared

  17. I don’t a mistake as in because of that decision it was therefore bad. I mean it was a mistake in that they missed out on an opportunity that, I believe, would have made the game a much more influential piece of media that holds a stronger place in the cultural zeitgeist.

  18. Agree just because it looks like they have ran out of ideas and now Pokémon’s just looks like objects with eyes (very extreme take maybe)

  19. More like very wrong take, unless you mean gen 1 Pokémon, then you're closer to being true

  20. If we go prime then probably Rayleigh, but if we go current Power then either Beckman or Zoro

  21. Poor Al. Even in a conversation about who lost more body parts people still focusing on his brother when my man Al lost the whole damn body.

  22. Damn, that's fair lol, I Guess since It was a whole Body Situation I didn't register him for this post lol

  23. Explain why the circumstances would turn into Yamamoto's favor, why should we take Room temperature as default?

  24. Yeah, there's people arguing that Yama takes this Battle lol, what a joke

  25. They don't owe u anything tho. Most parents pay for their kids education and that's enough

  26. Unless you're giving Grima to Robin this Is Beyond a stomp tho

  27. I hope not, that one would be one hell of a stomp

  28. The soul king has no place dictating or even presiding over humanity. Aizen was right to seek it's destruction.

  29. No, Aizen was in fact not right, as his entire problem with the idea Is that he wasn't who was presiding or dictating over humanity

  30. Judging from your downvote you seem to have some sort of unreasonable expectation regarding this conversation. It should be pointed out that this goes to the very heart of the intellectual differences between Aizen and Urahara.

  31. Yeah, It would be, but It Isn't the case, seeing that Aizen is literally incorrect. That's kinda what trying to turn yourself into an allpowerful tyrant entails, Aizen was simply wrong, there's nothing more to it

  32. I think it’s pretty cool that two games/game series I really like take inspiration from each other and provide me with more great content to enjoy.

  33. Half of the stuff here can't be inspiration, particularly anything that is from 2022 in Genshin, it's literally impossible that such an integral part of tears of the kingdom was done in a year or less lol

  34. Funny enough the same things were said back when Genshin launched with gliders

  35. Yeah, it's exactly the same, 3 years of difference between one, exactly the same

  36. Vs stuff just isn't my thing anymore, at some point you gotta realize the write can just add and remove feats thus making any arguments null and void.

  37. Ok? Then shut up and go look for a post that is your thing

  38. You think thats crazy? One of big moms kids is half tontatta. Think about that

  39. I mean, that doesn't seem like a problem, baby Father could probably just go straight inside and I better stop this line of though right now

  40. I mean, that doesn't seem like a problem, baby Father could probably just go straight inside and I better stop this line of though right now

  41. Lol no, that's not happening, imagine being unable to follow a Weekly Shonen Jump manga man, it ain't that hard

  42. Imagine being that much of a egotistical douche bag over a comment in a sub for a weekly Shonen jump manga.

  43. Damn man, no need to get that salty just because I pointed out you were wrong, imagine jumping to name calling over something as trivial as this lol

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