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  1. Hi! Which platform is this on? Sounds like new Reddit but want to confirm.

  2. Bug should be fixed now, this was not intentional, apologies all and thanks for flagging!

  3. Yes, thanks seems to be. Do you know if the issue with removal reasons disappearing has also been fixed?

  4. Constantly find shadowbanned users in our spam queues. IF Reddit has shadowv banned a users, they shouldn't be able to post at all. If for whatever reason Reddit thinks they should still be allowed to post or comment the admin load to deal with shadow banned users shouldn't be put on the individual sub mods.

  5. so many odd things happening with the mod spam tools recently, now approved posts no longer disappear once approved, but hang around littering the queue.

  6. Ty, so cool to get reassurance from a mod🤭😏

  7. you're welcome :) i'm sure we're all looking forward to seeing more of you 🔥

  8. beautiful dick - it's a shame there wasn't much interest as you would have been a solid contestant for teendicks_ dick of the week.

  9. We seem to have the same problem with the mod queue. We'll remove a post or comment and add a removal reason, but when we go back to the queue the reason has disappeared yet can be confirmed by our modmail to the user.

  10. further to this there are now users who can message us but when we go to look at their profile we get this message ??

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