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  1. It depends on the person, some peoples cats are indoor cats and some are outdoor cats.

  2. Don't even need to read past the title, NTA. Even if he had good intentions, it is very creepy to track someone's phone.

  3. If there is a huge age gap between employees. Like the demographic of people working at place is either teenagers or old people

  4. When guys go "Girls don't like nice guys anymore". If you're saying this, you're not as nice as you think you are

  5. The idea of gender identity or being able to choose your gender.

  6. Hating others for having different opinion and likes

  7. All the "I'm a such a unique parent I saddled my kind with this shitty attention grabber name" names like Rainbow, Ocean, Spurgeon, whatever bullshit Grimes and Elon Musk named their spawns, Banjo, Audio Science, etc

  8. Like how do you even pronounce Elon Musk's kids name? His kid is gonna get made fun of in school

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