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  1. Either a wine cooler or a Shirley Temple. Recently, I've learned of the Shirley Temple-Black, the original but with 1.5 fl. oz. of dark rum, and I want to try it if I ever go out again.

  2. I think you should have been using it, but I wouldn't go to the extreme of calling you the a-hole. Personally, I hate gift cards because it obligates me to use them for specific things/circumstances (but I also wouldn't necessarily call your aunt one, either). If she had just given you cash or a debit gift card that could be used almost anywhere, you wouldn't be bound to ONE place to spend it.

  3. at least yours give you bedding! Mine just give me their poop or seed shells.

  4. I get that a lot when paper-training my Girls. I think they see me pick up their poop & put it in a specific corner, and it's like they're saying, "here's one more." 😂

  5. Paper training? I’ve never even heard of that! Always read it’s impossible to train them effectively. How’s it going?

  6. The trick is to start it where they already want to "mess."

  7. There are OTC creams that might help, otherwise I recommend seeing your gynecologist. They help if you need something stronger.

  8. Where did you publish your contrary research on speech development and language pathology? I didn't find it, since the prevailing wisdom is that baby talk is necessary for babies and toddlers to advance in their language development. If you're old enough to remember someone talking to you that way, you weren't a toddler, but that doesn't change the importance of baby talk.

  9. Sorry there is very little to back up your opinion. However the best available evidence points to the importance of modified speech in toddlers. Everything changes however when kids get older.

  10. "Yeah, I mean, it's not like scientific research is funded, both politically & privately by people with a bias who would be more than happy to disregard evidence contrary to those biases. Also, researchers are gods & have no internal biases they wish to confirm.

  11. Oh, yes. When mice trust their owners and actually like them, they can get just as excited to see them as dogs & cats. Even when it's my lunch time, my Adelaide gets excited to see what I have to offer (usually lettuce, tomatoes, peppers & eggs, as most snacks are to stay out of the main cage during her diet). My two new Girls, Clarice & Peppercorn, already see my hand as something (usually) fun & good. Like other mammals, and high-tier birds (like Corvidae & Psittacidae) have highly-developed brains & similar family structures that allow for them to relate & live with more easily with their humans and miss them when they're gone when bonds are formed.

  12. "Wakes me up at night, wanting to be fed. OH! You mean the vagina…well, same thing." 🤣 One of the best lines from Cinema Sins lines, and still true.

  13. Two things, one of my guy-friends dancing & a scene from The Golden Girls. They're in a birthing center & a woman screams as she goes into labor. The woman from the center joyously says, "OH! SOunds like a Mommy in the making!," and Rose responds, "Sounds like a Mommy on FIRE!" 🤣

  14. I want this because I like to make zoos & I would like to keep a wild population after taking a pair. I wish we could breed polar bears, too.

  15. THAT actually looks good. My Dad likes SPAM, so maybe he'd like it.

  16. Horror movies? Meh. Don Bluth classics? Hell, yes…and I loved it!

  17. Less of a hassle for me. There are two main reasons I hate them are: 1.) touching the wrong button when they're too small, and 2.) I wouldn't be wiping down my phone all of the time. I admit that I'm fickle about spelling, grammar, & clean screens. Still, it's annoying.

  18. 1.) Stop telling people, especially women, that they're "happy/better off without children" or that "children are a burden/too expensive."

  19. "How about" just lower taxes so people can keep more of their own damn money?! Stop giving people money that they didn't earn themselves. It's not the job of everyone else to be forced to pay for others. We've made people so used to taking from their neighbors through higher taxes that people no longer know how to manage their own lives.

  20. They also do it because adrenaline acts as a natural tenderizer.

  21. Dolphins, precisely bottlenose dolphins. They kill other aquatic mammals for fun, they violate other creatures, even without being trained by humans, and they are just all-around jerks. At least you know where you stand with a shark. They only attack what they assume is prey.

  22. I've never heard about any of them. If you want to talk about them, no one's stopping you, but I only watch Minecraft videos that focus on upcoming/hidden features and redstone/design tip videos. I even got out of Hermitcraft.

  23. The same reason that my internet friends say that they're from Wales, Essex, Ontario, Alberta, New South Wales, Queensland, etc. Some places are so big & regions so distinct that we like to be more specific. Even to say that I'm from the Midwest is not as clear as saying I'm from Minnesota.

  24. It's gross & my deodorant grabs on to the hairs, making a complete mess. I like a particular bar, so don't recommend any, please. I've tried a lot of them & they either don't adequately do the job, are WAY too expensive, or are full of perfumes that will either irritate my skin or irritate my nose.

  25. Adelaide isn't pregnant; she's never been mated. She's just fat.

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