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  1. I’m 100% ordering this underwear set right now

  2. Nothing gives me a flatter stomach than buttsploding from taco bell

  3. My husband is a brown dude and I googled “what do people with melanin do about ashy knees” to try to help him.

  4. Srs they’re right about Southern California being the sloppier you look the more money you probbaly have. You can go to fine dining and some dude will be at the bar eating in sweatpants andnhes prolly in the three comma club.

  5. My mom is highly allergic to real Christmas trees. Hives all over

  6. I’m crazy allergic to Xmas trees and people are real assholes about it.

  7. Oh it was on mine. I’ve been rocking New Balance fresh foam since 2020. The most comfortable shoe at very affordable prices. Unlike On Clouds which are very comfortable but expensive and has taken white people hostage since 2021.

  8. These have been all over my lagree studio for a couple years too with white crew socks

  9. I suck at curling my hair. I've tried so many different techniques, curling irons, straightners etc. & I could never get my hair curled right. It always looked uneven or the curls wouldn't last or I would fry my ends trying to get each curl right. I just gave up on trying to curl my hair. But I saved up & after a while I got an airwap. I absolutely love it. I'm finally able to curl my hair. It looks great & my hair doesn't get burnt. Plus it curls so fast. So I would say if you have any trouble curling your hair I would get the dyson.

  10. Hah this is why I asked for the air wrap for Xmas

  11. Not to be that guy, but Dwight meant he couldn’t make her pregnant, which to him is the point of sex. It had nothing to do with her appearance as a pregnant woman. Pam is arguably the most attractive female until Erin is hired.

  12. General rule with compliments (especially to strangers or coworkers):

  13. I teach this in reverse to my kids. Like “you can’t talk trash on someone for being physically different or something else they can’t control, you can only talk shit on people for choices they make that you dont agree with” :p

  14. I’m an extra AF organized person and randomly have a document on my phone where I write down elf ideas I have throughout the year and then organize them into a 24 day list and buy all the stuff and keep it in a box somewhere.

  15. I use All free and clear. I react to the seventh generation free and clear detergent pretty badly, and I haven’t tried tide.

  16. We are team all free and clear too and use dryer balls

  17. She can watch tiktok to learn how to shove them up her butthole too!

  18. I know many that lost a bunch of weight doing hiit. Let me tell you this, she’s targeting on those millennial moms, I am one myself. We grew up with some bad eating habits, crazy diets etc. Many of them still do, they eat super low kcal do that for a week and then give up and binge. It’s a repeating cycle same with Tiffany, she gets on an omad plan or whatever does that for two weeks and then falls off again.

  19. HIIT is the easiest way for my husband to lose weight and the easiest way for me to hurt myself

  20. I was really intrigued with her story because ny sister is also very fit and muscle-y and she didn’t show during her first pregnancy until her 8th month or find out until 5 months - that is until she revealed her and her man were just raw dogging and she “expected her body to take months to recover from detoxing from the pill” (which isn’t how that works).

  21. My sister also didn’t find out until she was almost 6 months along, but because she was doing radiation for thyroid cancer and just thought she was sick and miserable from that! They had to do all sorts of tests to make sure my nephew wasn’t spiderman or whatever but he was fine.

  22. Your sister was undergoing radiation for thyroid cancer and became pregnant with a baby boy who is fine? I Just wanted to make sure I read that right. Amazing!

  23. Yea! They’re both great. Well kinda weird but I think that’s unrelated.

  24. Is it bc the needle goes in deep? At the temples?

  25. It’s not the needle but having the stuff inside your face where your mouth moves all the time. The first time it was like 5 days of painful eating or opening my mouth but after each session the recovery was a lot faster.

  26. It seemed to have helped with the darkness under your eyes maybe? I’m struggling with that (33F) and am wondering if that was a positive result for you

  27. I actually don’t know if that it helped that or just sleeping and being hydrated helped.

  28. Lose 20 lbs to get to BMI 17.5-18. Currently BMI 21.3

  29. Getting to 18% bodyfat is going to take a lot of muscle building which may not be reasonable with a 17.5% bmi those goals are counterproductive

  30. Could I not do something like keto (and eat that way forever so it’s not a crash diet) which primarily burns fat to get to a lower body fat? I would still be working out obviously.

  31. No, it doesn’t work like that. If you lose a bunch of weight you will lower your bodyfat % but once you get to about 25-26% you need to build more muscle to keep the ratio of lean mass to fat higher.

  32. Is Javier's still as noisy as it was pre pandemic? Went once, it was very loud. Not a romantic type place.

  33. Javier’s is romantic if you’re a 47 year old woman looking for a 20 something year old man to sleep with :p

  34. Winter is when you eat all the food and lift heavy weight it’s the best time

  35. I mean, places like Victoria's secret are notorious for not sizing ppl correctly and just shoving you in the closest size.

  36. VS put me in a 34b and I’m barley 34” at my fullest measurement.

  37. Depend on it? How is that so? The guy that created them was walking the line of eugenics.

  38. Jasmine is a top note so it doesn’t stay that long once you put it on. I just learned this at a place where they make a perfume for you depending on what smells you like :p

  39. Happened to me whenever I was backpacking. I figured just swinging my hands for hours on end was forcing blood to the ends of my fingers.

  40. This only happens to me with hikes or running too

  41. I have a friend who used to a professional dancer, when her bf was interstate she went out with friends. The bf buddies happened to see her there dancing very closely and comfortably with a guy all night before leaving with him. They told the bf about it. The bf called her about and found out the guy she was with was her old dance partner who is very much gay. He gave her a lift home as it was on his way to pick up his partner from a late work shift. She had taken some pics with him which were up on her social media. Be careful about jumping the gun. Find out for yourself!

  42. “Smash that like button” has just become part of my kids everyday conversations

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