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  1. I prefer ^u^ to ^w^ but that’s just personal preference.

  2. It’s still a squint and a smile. I’ll allow that. ^w^

  3. It is? I use it regularly and never thought of it as underrated.

  4. Keep it that way then. But many still overly use OwO

  5. I'll hopefully be able to get a hug for christmas

  6. Why only for Christmas when you could have that all year round.

  7. Hugs are not necessary to survive. Citation: I'm not dead

  8. You underestimate how QOL would be improved after getting even a single dos.

  9. Draw about not be able to draw. Just like this meme.

  10. Permission granted. A credit to the original would be nice. This is not a totally original idea anyway.

  11. The dragon is still scared of social interaction so he stays there.

  12. A dragon is a box is too cute. I won't dare to say anything to change that. But you would be much cuter if I could hug you out of a box.

  13. Despite of a wall of text, you should read more. There are a lot of good fiction out there.

  14. Some said the greatest obstacle in doing something is getting started, but congrats on finishing a book. Now more books to go :<

  15. I swear every time I see a derg pic I read it in The Clicks voice. Sometimes I find that disturbing

  16. Maybe this would end up in his clip too. Who knows?

  17. I mean yes you always have a responsibility for your body but it will be much more to take when you are older. Nobody else can help with your body and those coaches and nutritionists could only suggest, you still have to commit to it and that’s the responsibility.

  18. I won’t ask you. I watched Saw series just to get rid of hemophobia (fear of blood)

  19. morphs to 2-dimentiinal stick figure and flees the complex with ease

  20. I recommend everyone that has power outages semi regulareyly a UPS, hundred bucks gets you a simple one by APC that works well enough and gives you time to save and shut down properly

  21. Seems that UPS is mandatory now. I use laptop for so long that I forget PC can also have UPS too.

  22. I didn't get lucky with something else that day. But I at least didn't have an anxiety attack today.

  23. Oh my! That’s a big mistake. Sadly I can’t correct it after posting.

  24. What innocence? Does getting hugged all day would make the pillow lose it?

  25. nah man i live in a very toxic neighbourhood.

  26. I’m sorry for that. I hope you could get out someday

  27. Does it matter though? Do things really need to exist to be meaningful or have an importance? Maybe you exist. Maybe you do not exist. Maybe both? Caracters in a book don't need to exist for you to feel sadness, hate or joy for them. Maybe you are the only thing that exist, maybe I am, maybe our univers doesn't even exist or maybe everything exist. Who knows?

  28. But he want to be hugged and you can’t hug what is not real.

  29. No, not everyone. Besides, there's no point in doing that when there are people who can do this much better than me.

  30. You gotta believe in yourself. Yes, there are maybe thousands of people who are better than you but your art is your art and no one can easily replicate that.

  31. I can't do anything. If I suck at it at first I simply quit doing it. But thank you for the kind words. I tried drawing for a short while but it was so awful that I decided not to. I wish I was different. Your aim is to show the world your imagination, and I know that no one would care, and there is nothing to show to be fair.

  32. That was my thought at first. But when you are like "nothing", it is time to do "something" which, in my case, is drawing. I drew a furry character that I like and show to them. They liked it, it mean that my art meant something, and so I am.

  33. Furries probably have human digestive systems though. So chocolate is fine. My sona can eat it just fine, despite being a dog

  34. Vanilla is also nice. Never have Tigertail so can't comment on that.

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