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  1. I am seeing some new sellers post on here un-sure whether to continue, or if feet finder is legit etc. It has worked great for me and happy to share some tips/thoughts that may help.

  2. Wow thank you for this haha I wasn’t even the one who posted buy this is so helpful I’m going to save this you’re awesome!

  3. Get rid of all prohibited postings by archiving them. We can’t delete listings on Offerup. Don’t mark them as sold. Read TOS (terms of service) and correct any other violations. Then contact customer service without mentioning being shadow banned. Tell them your listings are no longer getting views and whether they can fix it. Good luck.

  4. Okay this is the most helpful comment! Thank you! But I guess I really messed up bc one was sold t brought shipping so I can’t change that 😭😭😭

  5. I’ve been doing anywhere between $10-$20 depending on how long they want and what they want.

  6. He wants a whole mommy role play for 5 mins for $10 I think that’s a bit too much and he also wants me to measure my feet in the video and say specific things

  7. My rate is $10/min for a custom (not exclusive). 10 for premade.

  8. Yeah see he wants me to be saying specific things with mommy role play and I feel like it’ll be a long video bc of that but he just wants to pay $10

  9. Nvm I just saw. I’d say you did good !

  10. You have to pay in full but, usually you are able to get a refund if canceled for unused warranty depending on your mileage and length of time.

  11. Yeah I just worrry bc in my sisters tiny suv her feet touch the front seats and I don’t like that just in case we see in an accident I wouldn’t want her legs to get crushed but idk

  12. Walmart makes keys. Idk if they can replicate the one inside the fob bc the top part isn’t round like a key but worth a try!

  13. Yes rn for that mileage most cars are a lot more expensive but definitely run the vin. The engine was probably replaced but if not it’s awesome!

  14. The entire nation of K24 enthusiasts just recoiled at the fact you think a K24 would only last 100k miles.

  15. Wait where did I say that it would only last to 100k? I think you read my comment wrong lol Hondas to 250k and up that’s why I said those miles would be more expensive usually when listed bc it’s considered low for a Honda. I was just saying the engine was probably replaced because it’s a 05 and it’s not very likely that it was only driven 100,000 miles in 18 years lol

  16. Always have a used car inspected by a competent mechanic who is familiar with the make and model.

  17. Well it’s from an actual Toyota dealership. They have to inspect the car before letting it go. I’m hoping that’s good enough haha

  18. Get the vin # and get a CARFAX.

  19. I did, it was in one accident which was like a fender bender and that’s it

  20. From my opinion. I used to be a manager at Autozone for 3 years and ppl with Volkswagen were always having big problems! They’re really cheaply maid I’m sorry but with this little miles I’d you just want some fun and trade it in in like two years I guess it’s cool but definitely not for long term

  21. But damn doesn’t it sound like a lot of miles for that much money?

  22. But do you think it is better if it has 50k more miles than the other?

  23. In my experience, given basic care, the Rav will be still worth something when it’s 10 years old. The Edge… well…not so much.

  24. Well the Toyota will reach 10 years in 2 years and the first won’t till 4 years from now. So would that change your mind or do you stick with Toyota?

  25. If you can’t find an actual mechanic you can at least run the codes at Autozone they do it for free if the check engine light is on, or you can rent it and do it yourself.

  26. Thank you! I hadn't considered running the codes by myself, that's a good idea if I can't find a mechanic. I'm mainly looking at buying a used corolla, so I doubt there will be too many issues but I just want to be sure.

  27. Yeah they have it in the Loan-a-tool and you just put a deposit and get it back once you bring it back to them

  28. Yeah it’s definitely best to leave now. Once you have kids your locked it or breaking child end hearts if you chose to then.

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