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  1. Real world engineer, I know how to make shitnfrom raw materials, I just haven't yet cos I respect my dm too much to make a "tank"

  2. Imo swap cad bane for bossk leadership.

  3. Little does he know my Hill Dwarf wizard's spellbook is actually carved into his armour

  4. Who would win? Lvl 17 wizard or lvl 4 fighter and druid?

  5. Stuck between thsts fucked up and that's fucking hilarious

  6. This 100% had to have been the orion rewrite

  7. Was eating her out and she queefed in my face. Mood died cos we were laughing too hard

  8. Rivens whole boss fight song goes so hard

  9. Exeggcutor- b: personally don't have much experience using it but grass doesn't do great in johto, but the psychic typing helps. Plusni know it gets a decent movepool

  10. Man wym blasphemous blade looks amazing. Pair it with Briar gauntlets and pretend it's slowly fusing with you

  11. Came to artificer for the guns, stayed for everything that wasn't guns. Favourite class easily

  12. Give yourself situations to maximise their use. The wizard I currently play tries to herd enemies into groups for AOEs, or give buffs that should last across multiple encounters. Plus if you're a wizard you get spells back on short rests.

  13. so how would you help a DM that's struggling to drain resources of the party in a manor that's not boring players with meaningless fights or non combat encounters that only spells can solve making the non casters feel useless?

  14. Player issue. I do 6-8 encounters and I play strategically, be it herding enemies together for an aoe or predicting how many encounters I can make magic weapon last. I'm not firing spells of willy nilly, I'm being tactical about it.

  15. Damn I thought getting 38 was impressive

  16. Played an armoured wizard, which definitely had lots of strategy and thought in his actions.

  17. Mr le Oppen... it seems your.rice cooker was used in a way that we... could not predict


  19. Saw them live in Birmingham last year. 10/10 show would go again

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