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  1. we got about 17 trillion more shares to move before I am convinced they closed

  2. this sounds to me like...last quarter we tried to rugpull. now we can't rugpull so the number is going to be hire...WE NEED TO FUD THEM!!!

  3. Ato is dead to me simply because of the preface of his post. I buy, shop, DRS. simple

  4. I can almost guarantee more people f'd up his displays after this than helped him

  5. I've made more money in the stock market than you will in your life. keep being a brainwashed clown though, I'm sure it is really helping you succeed in life!

  6. the left propaganda media really has done its job...sad to see reddit devolving this hard.

  7. you get to call me a moron over assuming I align right, when I am simply calling out the left media as well...but I could point out hundreds if not thousands of lies that Joe Biden has told in presidential addresses and I will get banned. very curious isn't it? you fuckin moron.

  8. Why doesn’t she consider railroad profits and the CEO’s Malibu beach home? These things are important.

  9. because that is what voting government officials in is for. you are acting as if there is no government (which you are correct, hasn't been a real government in nearly 40+ years). but that should not be accepted. the government officials are voted in to represent and help its citizens, and that is not happening.

  10. and no white people that are alive today were slave owners. leopards eating black peoples' faces on this one right? oh right nevermind this is reddit and they won't realize the hypocrisy. absolute knobs.

  11. everything in the finance sector of the US Stock market. they actively ruin economy.

  12. A lot. Hrs a crazy transphobe who thinks he’s smart owning the libs. Check his comment history.

  13. yes, but that would cause damage to the status quo from which they are benefiting plenty. i think their preferred strategy would be to milk the situation slow and steady rather than blow the whole thing up.

  14. I've talked to quote a few people in the "finance business" and this is exactly their sentiment. They know everything I tell them to be true but continually tell me it would be worse if the market was actually fair...I can never convince them otherwise and I just don't get it

  15. yea I don't know why people are so happy about institutions buying shares. they are making money off lending them out, they don't care which way the price goes. in fact, (I would guess) they hope it stays stagnant so they can continue lending while their counterparty doesn't get blown to smithereens

  16. It’s gaslighting and using abuser logic “if you weren’t so crazy I wouldn’t be doing this!”

  17. I think people that support children getting sex changes are crazy though so does that make me the crazy one?

  18. First of all, the people claiming that children are getting sex reassignment surgery are straight up lying to you. They're responsible for angry assholes threatening children's hospitals by claiming, without a shred of evidence and despite clear policies to the contrary, that they're performing genital reassignment surgery on minors. There are numerous reasons this makes no sense (medical and physiological reasons, even), but they keep insisting upon it as if it's true.

  19. I've seen it first hand at schools in my area. So, you are being lied to. Now that you have that information what will you do with it? Claim it is false and go along your merry way ignorant.

  20. why isn't there anything on reddit outlining all of the lies he spewed during the state of the union? very odd.

  21. haha I know unfortunately. I miss 10 years ago reddit when politics weren't the underlying focus on the majority of subs. And I know this is obviously

  22. she's the right's AOC, completely unqualified and boarder line clownish

  23. how does this have 600 upvotes but Towel nonsense gets 10k+? the answer is right there for you. DRS GME, the rest is noise.

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