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  1. To all people concerned about the greenbelt: Ford is not your enemy, it's NIMBYs who oppose densification and the Feds who want to bring 450,000 people a year to shoehorn them in this zoning joke called the GTA. Have you ever seen a proper mega city outside Canada? it's minimum 5 storeys everywhere and 30 storeys high rises are not that special. Wake up people....what kind of city has 1 storey 30 meter high houses neighborhoods located 15 minutes from it's down town?

  2. And plenty of other things, but nowhere near the amount we need.

  3. Problem is, how do you stop a farmer from accepting the $10/$20 million dollar cheque that is being waved in front of their noses? That's one hell of a big carrot to say no to.

  4. The Galloping Gourmet taught my mom to make a dish that involved onions, sour cream and red kidney beans. I will never forgive him for that.

  5. I don't get it. Facebook will suspend you for X number of days just for using a four letter word, (I got put in Facebook jail on the pretense of "hate speech" for calling the GOP "vile") but they're A-OK with death threats towards election workers?

  6. Because I guess you think Facebook is evil....

  7. There is a reporting feature. If someone reports violence, death threats, animal abuse, porn, etc. Facebook book should be able to respond to that - especially in the wake of multiple reports - but they don't.

  8. I'd say it would be more accurate to say (temporarily) surviving being burned alive since our society thinks that healthcare workers should torture the victim to death rather than just give them enough opiates to gently slip away.

  9. A bit stemmy....they already broke it up to such small nugs they should have trimmed the stems. I wont be shocked if there's a gram or two of pure stems in there.

  10. I have a bud bowl trimmer that leaves stems like that. It's quite annoying but saves me hours and hours of work. I give most of my pot away, but when I do sell it I'm only charging $85 for a "zip" so I figure that balances out the stems.

  11. Why is it that Colts fans create traffic chaos on game night? Just relax, there's tons of parking, lots of entrances. You'll get there. If you're crossing on foot remember what your Mom taught you - always look both ways before you cross.

  12. If I saw that I would report it! IMO, that is 100% unacceptable on a fundraising site.

  13. Yep that looks like a peer reviewed scientific study that is very credible.

  14. Last I heard they are still looking for bands to perform.

  15. I'm pretty sure that call is looking for a local band to be the opening act. The headliner goes on after them.

  16. Fuck them. Their insatiable greed and desire for profits is one of the reasons people are struggling. I wouldn't give them one red cent - lots of worth charities out there that aren't run by unaware billionaires.

  17. Removing those minerals is exactly what Britta does.

  18. I had some friends live with me for a bit with 2 cats. For years I had to deal with the damage those feline bastards did to the carpet and it smelt like cat piss in that portion of the house for years.

  19. It's too bad you friends were neglectful assholes - but that's on your friends and not the cats fault.

  20. Pretty much everything you said about pets and leases is wrong. A "no pets" clause in a lease is illegal and cannot be enforced. A clause & extra payment for a pet is illegal and the landlord can be fined. Etc.

  21. I wonder if he recorded that during the early Covid shutdowns when Donny Osmond was hosting group sing-a-longs? I kind of miss those posts, they were great fun.

  22. If you are the OP, you need to complain to the school that is allowing this ASAP. Stealing money from young vulnerable kids under the guise of giving them a job is NOT OK.

  23. I’ve been under the impression all this time it was a male Turkey! Apparently she is female.

  24. Seems to me that Letitia is a very fine name for a girl. I think if anyone has naming rights it would be you.

  25. Aww, what great news. Thanks so much for sharing this! I can't tell you how happy it makes me to know that such a good person was looking out for her.

  26. if I see one more of these posts im legitimately about to go and start going trough every page of every book at the thrift stores 😭

  27. It wouldn't hurt to check the odd book. Way back before the Euro, I found 80 Marks in a travel book on Germany. I'm German by birth and coincidentally one of my Aunts in Germany was turning 80 that year, so I sent it to her in a card. She was absolutely delighted and I'm told that from then till she died she would tell people about her wonderful niece in Canada.

  28. Wow! Thanks. Obviously your Google investigating skills are way better than mine. I'm going to see to it that the photo is on it's way to him in time for Christmas.

  29. When my dog wants something she "boops" it. (Touches it with her nose.) If she wants her dinner, she'll boop her bowl. If she wants a treat, she'll boop her treat bag. If she wants out, she'll boop the door. If I dare to sleep in she'll come to the edge of my bed and boop me to let me know I have to get up because she needs to pee. She also uses it for other things. She wouldn't hurt a fly so when she finds baby animals on the ground, she'll boop them to let me know something is there. She's "rescued" more than one tiny life by alerting me to them without hurting them. It's such a cute thing, I wish it wasn't so hard to catch it on camera.

  30. Well your donations will certainly help line the pockets of United Way Canada’s CEO Dan Clement and his $186K salary this year… better to give the warm drink to the person ..

  31. All charities have highly paid CEO's. $186/K is actually pretty low for someone heading such a big organization. Last time I checked the ED of the Barrie Food Bank was making about $150/K and that's a tiny operation in comparison.

  32. That doesn't look anything like a BBQ. Can you elaborate?

  33. I wonder when "Ye" is finally going to face backlash from his fans. I mean - he's the one who's friends with a white supremist. Is it even possible to be more of a traitor to the people who, for some inexplicable reason, love him?

  34. This is the real reason why everyone hates us Boomers. They're fucking jealous of the freedom, music, clothes, sex, drugs and everything else we got to do in your youth.

  35. I don't have a doctor either. Finally found a Nurse Practitioner which I personally think is 10X better than a doctor. She'll sit with me for 1/2 hour and really talk with me. Much as I despise the shortcomings of our health care system and the absolutely terrible hospital that we're stuck with in Barrie, I still would not want to trade for US style private healthcare.

  36. Go on Google and find out why Dougie used the notwithstanding clause the first time. He and the PC's KNEW that by limiting campaign spending to $600/k they were cutting off the NDP at the knees. The PC's have their corporate sponsors lined up to run privately financed ads and they spent MILLIONS. Millions in corporate grift money that the NDP and and also to some extent the Liberals didn't have access to.

  37. Hair freezes pretty well at well above -30. (Am Canadian. Walked to school with wet hair all the time {no grandma I didn't "catch cold"})

  38. Yep, me too. I would leave the house with wet hair, then brush it out half way to school. It always came out looking pretty fab.

  39. How the fuck do you even spend that money? Every dollar is dripping with her husband's blood.

  40. Seriously? You want her and her children to struggle and live in poverty instead? I'm pretty sure her husband would have wanted her to fuck the police department out of as much money as possible so that they can live a decent life.

  41. Obviously they aren’t saying that. They’re pointing out how it still doesn’t make up for the murder.

  42. Would've been interesting to see them pour a gallon of red paint across that sign. You really make a splash.

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