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  1. This is why playing WM is great. You can just merc the whole bot crew when they show up, over and over until the owner plug pulls.

  2. Only if you happen to play on the lower representation side of the realm. On my realm I think horde is more then 90% of the population and I've seen different kinds of bots/multiboxers with warmode on that have sadly all been Horde like myself. Maybe it's time to make a bot hunting alliance character...

  3. Almost none of that actually makes sense. AH bots are not only more investment but it’s more effort to manage them as well. They need an initial stockpile of gold which is tricky since the account could get banned at any time. Additionally there are far less public AH bots, and even the private ones are mediocre at best.

  4. Bvb8 says:

    The exact same players and still doing this 13 days later.

  5. Pretty sure it is very profitable and the chance of punishment is very slim it seems.

  6. There's 8 people in your video and 2x4 groups are insanely common, use your brain 🤷‍♀️

  7. Boosting groups are also extremely common with a link to a website. Doesn't mean they are legit, does it?

  8. Hello. Do you have any graph regarding total amount of battle played, please? :)

  9. they probably don't want us to know, that's why they show monthly active players...a completely irrelevant figure.

  10. I can't tell if this data is correct or not, but if I ran the company and the numbers were bad, I'd publish something like this aswell.

  11. I've had that happen to me before, a couple years ago. For some reason I started to play again though...f2p this time though.

  12. Should have given us an extra bagslot and a gem bag for Zeskera Vault gems.

  13. Ah yes the typical "st is too strong" when like 90% of the content aoe or at least 2 Targets is. We can't have nice things 😔👍

  14. Well, you just play a different Hunter Spec for AoE content, don't you?

  15. Those addons aren't always accurate though, since they just show the price that was the cheapest listing when they scanned the AH. With numerous scumbags posting 1 of each reagent at far too low prices to then quickly snatch whatever some mindless person puts up at the same low price you can end up being a couple hundred gold off on that addons calculation. But yes, of course one could use that and live with the risk...I just don't see why this would be any better then previously. But right now the public work order system is completely dead anyways, completely spammed with scam work orders.

  16. They used to, until the daily cap was brought way down.

  17. You want hair clipping through the helmet? You know they can't handle this, look at how many other items are always clipping through others, removing the hair is the best option here.

  18. People don’t fish like us few so that’s why plus it only nets cooking ingredients mostly

  19. Nah, you fish in Deep Ice Holes for the reagents needed to craft Iskaaraen fishing equipment.

  20. Disclaimer: This is a reupload, I clone-stamped a few small forrest roads and some pixel-sized houses to make it Earthporn-confirm.

  21. Was it dangerous up there because it looks like there's some nasty weather is coming in (or moveing away)?

  22. I wouldn't entirely hate having some old mounts stay the same as they currently are. Obviously we can update dragons/drakes among some others to match the dragonriding animations, but to be perfectly honest as much as I love the new flying there are times where I just want to point myself where I need to go, hit autorun, and then go to the bathroom, do something on my other monitor, etc. There's room for both mehtods imo and I don't think it would break anything leaving some as is.

  23. I think we should have dragonriding in all zones and the old mounts should not be changed. Realistically I use less then 0,5% of my mount collection anyways so for me personally nothing needs to be changed. It would be nice to be able to decide if one wants to go on an old flying mount or dragonriding mount for the exact purpose that you mentioned; afk autorun. I'm looking forward to more dragonriding mount skins and new models in the future aswell as regular mounts. It's not like as if people were protesting that all ground mounts need to be able to fly once flying was introduced to the game.

  24. Mastery is not included in the percentage dr because different specs get different percentage values

  25. Okay, thank you. So if I had 70% Crit (theoretically) I'd have 2x 10% penalty applied?

  26. Absolutely amazing service, brought tears to my eyes.

  27. Imagine if they would remake that game to suit todays graphics...

  28. Maybe they can rechose their Aspect appearance...I mean...Barder Shop exists.

  29. So when I come home from work in 4 hours, I should do this, hoping it will maybe reset tomorrow, right? :-D

  30. I wouldn't stress about getting it done, but if I had the time & WQs I'd do it. High chance it will not get reset, but slight chance it will imo.

  31. I rarely open the calendar, but I noticed an ! in Valdrakken this morning and was quite surprised to see the weekly event quest start one day before the weekly reset (Wednesday in EU). Sadly I have already completed all WQs, but if you're fast you may be able to get extra reputation, in case Blizz deactivates this and opens it up again tomorrow.

  32. What is your cast bar mod? I love those colors

  33. Thank you for this. I was a little upset that it was only for Evokers, but I guess it’s just special for them. It works on all my other characters fine

  34. Indeed it does, I use it on other chars aswell. =)


  36. Perfect, thank you! That's really good to know, even when it only concerns recrafting. I never knew my crafting skill when recrafting would depend on what quality of materials the customer provided for the initial craft.

  37. there is an addon called CraftSim that helps

  38. Very interesting!While I find the addon isn't quite functional yet (Simulation mode for the Bow doesn't include the Rune Writhebark as reagent at all, it has a tooltip that potentially solved my problem. It notes that quality of materials can give a maximum of 25% of the base recipe difficulty as bonus skill e.g. All Q1 = 0% bonus. All Q2 = 12.5% bonus and all Q3=25% bonus. This math is (almost) true in regards of the mentioned Bow. which has a base difficulty of 280 which makes all Q3 reagents give 70 skill bonus (yet in the crafting screen it was 69 bonus). But we know there are rounding errors when it comes to % calculation in other parts of the crafting screen, so I do assume the given info is correct and this easily enables me to determine my final crafting skill regardless of owning the reagents. Thanks!

  39. You could go back and read the comments, that would answer your question. Hint: I never called you asocial because didn’t like the joke.

  40. Well now, that's been a fun journey to read through the comments. Thanks for backing me up there, otherwise I would not have gotten to read through this fun thread. And yeah, I think it's the persons duty to provide the link to the source they talk about instead of letting 1000 other people search it up for themselves. =)

  41. maybe it requires an update and you have it set to only update when you are connected to wlan and you aren't right now?

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