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  1. Can you give more transparency as to why your asking these questions on multiple subreddits? Do you work in the live music industry or something?

  2. I have an idea for stating a ticketing platform that doesn’t suck and charge crazy fees (aka tickmaster)

  3. You, on your own, are going to take down Ticketmaster by starting a new platform. Very original idea

  4. For me the ticketing experience is by far the worst part of live music. The anxiety, stress, lotteries, bots, etc. make it really difficult to have a positive outlook. I would love to see Billy set up a fan club “a la Pearl Jam” where true fans have first access to non-transferable tickets, to be picked up at the box office.

  5. Explain the pearl jam club. It's an exclusive club for fans and they get early tickets?

  6. It’s just that I think there are better tweezers, that one isn’t specifically bad, I just like other ones better..

  7. But I mean like, are you able to not just “get behind them” regardless? Even if you don’t vibe with them? I feel like I also love many tweezers, some the most, some not as much; but like, I’ll always ‘get behind’ a tweezer no matter what the circumstance… my actual ‘behind’ first and foremost 💃 if you know whamsayin

  8. I’ve noticed this as well, especially in the jam band community as a whole. It’s something that definitely separates us from mainstream music scene.

  9. People will start lining up at RR at around 6:00 AM based on the Marathon sets.

  10. I wrote an article about phish and how it helped my mental health. I posted it here and a few people read it. If anyone wants to read send me a DM!

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