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  1. I have one. It's OK. Half of the RAM is soldered (only one slot), Runs Linux (Rocky) fine, but battery life isn't great (~4 hours with moderate use and no power-saving stuff enabled; Windows is probably better in this regard). LCD isn't terribly bright. Keyboard is worse than the T460 that I had previously.

  2. I get about 5-6 hours of real world use with my T490 on Fedora. Had to install TLP and tune some parameters, the Fedora defaults weren’t quite as efficient in terms of power consumption.

  3. That in the other hand seems to be absolutely fine. Thanks for your information

  4. Thank you. I do not intend to do this right now. But it seemed like a "nice-to-know"

  5. OP, looking at the second image, it looks like your phone has a bloated battery. Take it to a technician and be careful

  6. Thank you. This is just the angle. Laying it on the table the dimensions are correct and the back is flat

  7. There's probably a vagon of dust inside, search for USB dust cleaning on YouTube and don't rush in the cleaning

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