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  1. This race just makes me wish F1 could bump and rub. I love how these guys are just banging off of each other fighting in the turns.

  2. I live in North Carolina. It’s not out of the question that I’ll experience 11” of snow by tomorrow morning.

  3. The good news is, that snow will all be gone by noon so you can still have time to cut the lawn on the snow day.

  4. It is almost so silent that it sounds edited.

  5. Damn, Glacier is pretty damn precise with those kicks though. Good control. Don't often see that in wrestling back then. Usually strikes end up looking clumsy.

  6. Glacier is a legit martial artist. I'm not going to say he was a great wrestler, but in a match where he got to show off his martial art skills, he was fun to watch. With the right partner he could make a match look like an episode of Power Rangers, and I mean that in a good way.

  7. Maybe a dumb question, and I know stages are for the same purpose. Watching cars drive single file with no position changes is Sunday nap material.

  8. The problem is how do you decide when to force the restart? If someone is way out in front for too long? If the top five get stagnet for a set number of laps? When an official has a gut feeling? The result is either punishing the best cars on the track, or risking being seen as biased of certain drivers benefit.

  9. Riho looking like a Streets of Rage character.

  10. I grew up in Rockingham. The Rockingham motor speedway is almost the only ANYTHING worth seeing between Charlotte and Pinehurst, nevermind NASCAR. When in Pinehurst however, be sure to grab some Indian food at Jayas Indian Cuisine, a beer and burger at Sly Fox, and is you a steak at Iron Wood. Beefeaters is also a great choice for a local flavor southern style steakhouse.

  11. I know Sting/Hogan was the big story for the early NWO days, but DDP was there just as much, if not more, defending WCW. He frequently was alone fighting back, and still found ways to pull one over on them. Seeing La Parka suddenly lay a cutter on Macho and rip the mask off to reveal it was him was an all time moment for me as a kid.

  12. Considering AEW doesn't do almost anything that doesn't end up either online or on TV, it would not surprise me of thos wasn't a compilation of house show matches with story elements.

  13. Yippee-ki-aye Mr Falcon - that great John McClane line that makes no sense at all...

  14. Falcon was the general's radio call sign. If you remember that detail that was said maybe twice, it works, but the dub sounds so bad it doesn't matter.

  15. Is that why it took so fucking long?

  16. Yup. She just kept doing the bit until HoB decided to actually add her to the group. She was tired of her gimmick and the Varsity Blondes were clearly not going anywhere so she created her own opportunity. She definitely has the right mindset for AEW.

  17. I’m just wondering why they had Malakai randomly mist her if that was never the plan lol

  18. HoB feuded with the Blondes, and she got misted to screw with them. Everything after that was her trying to get on TV regularly, which worked somehow, to her credit.

  19. Beating Skye on TV is the AEW version of kicking a puppy so everyone remembers you are the bad guy. I feel like she will win one of these TV matches and that will be her come up. Or she snaps and brings a bat to the ring and dares the heels to keep fucking with her.

  20. Maybe not ... if they're building to some sort of "Anarchy in the Arena" battle between the Outsiders / ex-WWE talent and the homegrown stars, maybe Britt and Jamie interfere somehow, costing Ruby the match and in return, Skye Blue joins their faction (seeing as Rebel hasn't been on TV lately). That'll make it 3-on-3 ... add a couple more on each team, Vickie Guerrero do the Steven Regal role of shouting "BLOOD AND GUTS" and we've got the ppv match.

  21. Britt and Jamie came out to save Skye once already. Skye might join them if only so they have a third person who can eat a pin so Britt doesn't have to.

  22. Not the loudest ever, but one of my favorite pops is the August 4, 1997 Nitro when Lex Luger beat Hogan for the WCW title. When Luger fended off Hall, Nash, and Macho Man by himself and gets Hogan up for the rack, the crowd goes nuts.

  23. That building looked like it was going to tear itself apart. Goldberg beating Hogan on Nitro is another.

  24. Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger they tried replacing him in the remake and it failed miserably

  25. They actually tried to replace him for the second movie too. They started with another actor in a Freddy mask, and very quickly decided to pay Englund instead.

  26. I think this is the first woman I scrolled down to. :( James Cameron has many awesome female characters.

  27. Hamilton is a solid "Final Girl" in the first movie, which works because that movie is basically a slasher with guns. Making the jump to T2 is what makes her perfect. If Skynet had sent back another T800 instead of the T1000, she would have taken it out all on her own.

  28. That there are certain barber shops that it makes no sense for one race or another to go to.

  29. I'm white, but have really thick, heavy hair. I have learned to go to Latino shops. They understand exactly how to get my hair to lay right and can give a proper fade. With how popular high fades are right now, it blows my mind how few "white" shops actually have someone who can cut one. They try, but it is never as clean, and the fade isn't as... blended? I travel a lot for work so getting cuts on the road is nessary sometimes. I work primarily with hispanics so I always ask them where they get their haircut.

  30. Never played but have heard about. Would love a remake.

  31. RE5 is a horror game, but you play as characters who are aware of what is happening and are trained and equipped to handle the situation, so it turns into an action game. This is true for most resident evil games after RE2. Even with RE3, Jill knows what is going on and is capable, which is why that game leans action compared to RE2. Same thing happened to Dead Space. Issac knows how to fight back in DS2, and it shows in the game play.

  32. Hogan helping to eliminate Sid at Royal Rumble '92.

  33. Hogan was a heel who had everyone but Heenan and maybe two other people fooled for years.

  34. Weren't they the ones using Satchel Charges as grenades?

  35. Yup. Once they realized the palace had been taken they started cutting holes in it and tossing satchel charges in. Amaris nuked their base to stop the rest of the Black Watch from joining the fight and they disagreed with that. Even after they were blown to hell and cut off, they still almost stopped the coup. Then the survivors formed the Ghosts of the Black Watch and hid in a nuclear wasteland to keep fighting the entire war.

  36. In what Sport? Am unfamiliar with those teams. Hockey?

  37. Exactly the same here. Layering and highlighting is fun but 2 thin coats basing as an absolute grind (csm player)

  38. I like painting, but I just painted a Legionnaires kill team, with the idea that I would eventually start a 40k CSM army. Those ten CSM broke me of that idea. I even airbrushed the base coat. It was all the trim work that drove me crazy for some reason. Meanwhile, I painted a Kroot kill team, which are not low detail models, didn't use the airbrush, but loved painting them. I could paint a thousand of them. Zero interest in painting another CSM for some reason.

  39. From Surfer Sting to Surfer Steve.

  40. One of my favorite parts of this turn is how Sting is just leaning on the top rope like, “what the fuck is this shit?” while Dusty and Tall Paul are celebrating like they just won the powerball

  41. "Huh... So this what it feels like not being the one getting screwed"

  42. It is iconic now, but Rey Mysterio coming out in his purple body suit at Halloween Havock.

  43. Maybe this is a dumb question..but why did they wear confederate gear in the first place? I get that they’re “good ol boys” but Delaware is not the south…

  44. They may as well be. I grew up in NC and travel to that area a lot for work. I can tell you the only difference between NC and the Eastern Shore is the accent.

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