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343 is thinking about adding MTX to MCC

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  1. ryanoob behind the curls for ranked, standardace has some tip videos

  2. Standardace is p.good for understanding all the sandbox mechanics and various tips/tricks

  3. For those who’ve been to an event before, is getting VIP worth it?

  4. welcome to the world of 'low to mid end pc', where devs forget to optimize their game for us that don't have enough money to buy the latest RTX card.

  5. Can we just clean out 343? He can take Ross and Wolfkill with him. They’ve showed repeatedly they aren’t the people for the job.

  6. Ive gotten s2 battlepass, 2x Hcs skins, £10 off a new controller from the microsoft store.

  7. Dude, the bots can't even play on Catalyst, a dev made map. They have obvious pathfinding problems and even fall into their own death a lot. Don't expect Forge maps to have AI, even the leaks don't show any AI for forge at the moment.

  8. Right! The only way I can play controller on pc, is never alt-tabing, or touching my mouse.

  9. Yea never using keyboard to write in chat or use second monitor to play music during long search queues :(

  10. 7 months later and I still cannot report blatant cheaters (that queue with low platinums to balance their extraordinarily high mmr), within the game :@

  11. She started another channel with her new bf, vlogging their "christian" and seemingly privledged lifestyle.

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