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  1. I haven't seen One Piece, but compared with Naruto, the art in bleach is better, the protagonist is better, the powerscaling is better, the side cast is better, romance is better.

  2. To be fair, Shinji is incredibly strong, he just went up against Aizen, and Gerard, not exactly weak opponents

  3. Are they all gonna be "it's not OoT", or just opinions instead of actual flaws? BOTW definitely has flaws, but to make a list of 30, you will probably reach to nitpick even without realizing. BOTW doesn't have enough substantial downsides for it to be objectively bad or not good. You can say you don't like the game for whatever reasons you have, maybe you think open world is just marketing for selling a big and empty one, or that weapon durability is badly designed because instead of doing what the devs wanted, make you come up with clever solutions and making you feel tense when your weapon breaks, it just makes you not use your good weapons until you finish the game, giving you a feel that the combat is not worth it and badly designed. Or that the dlc is scam and something that feels like a bandage to the base game's problems. To me, Nintendo's intentions had the effect they desired, I love the open world, combat and the weapon durability. It feels wierd to me that these things can make or break it for so many people. I can understand not liking the game, but saying that it's bad is just wrong.

  4. You said you can make a list of 30 flaws, that makes me think you have a strong opinion about the game being bad.

  5. That’s literally just the truth and not even an opinion

  6. I’m the one in disbelief here and hoping you’re just trolling

  7. For sure He can be beaten, but you can't just claim "oh these faster characters win because Yammy slow" and expect It to be treated as anything but an opinion. It's just subjective and not any less valid than me saying "Oh but these faster characters lose because yammy tanky and strong".

  8. I have no interest getting into specifics match ups, you were the one who mentioned speed and I was just using It as an example.

  9. Yes she won. She lives, no 9 died. Doesn't matter how it happened, the real winner is who lives after the fight and the loser is who died.

  10. You are wrong, in that case every fight in bleach except a handful are ties, because none combatants died.

  11. So ppl are bringing Zaraki and Pernida as if that’s what determines the outcome of Zaraki vs Mayuri, but are conveniently ignoring the chances of Mayuri beating Gremmy. There’s a 0% chance Mayuri beats Gremmy, so going off the logic everyone is using for Zaraki and Pernida, wouldn’t that mean Mayuri also has no chance of beating Zaraki?

  12. Yea let’s see Mayuri survive the voids of space or the asteroid or his whole body turned into cookies. Kisuke and Aizen are the only genius tier characters that could survive and beat Gremmy, but Mayuri doesn’t even compare and has no defense against pure imagination.

  13. ... you realize the whole reason Gremmy survived that long was because zaraki was essentially training him right?

  14. Why not? You have to earn their trust and that's a big accomplishment and i'm shy and very self-contained myself. I'm surprised you didn't say anything about this trans/futa part.

  15. Idk I just get stressed out when someone can't express themselves xd And idc about futas and such, I draw them for money so Im used to It XDD

  16. Honestly, he would lose to Shunsui, Zaraki, Byakuya, Toshiro, Mayuri, Rukia, and arguably Soi Fon, but he claps the rest.

  17. Shinji. Dude is a high Captain class Soul Reaper/Vizard with powerful Zanpakuto and the first man to land an attack on Aizen during Fake Karakura. He’s the one who suspected Aizen being evil since they first met and kept him at a distance. Now with every MAJOR battle he’s been in he lost.

  18. Finally I good one. I have no opinion. They are both monsters.

  19. ... I don't like Unohana but this isn't close at all, Unohana demolishes Gin the same way she trashed zaraki...

  20. too bad the author wrote them to be weaker LOL. starks so strong that he got mid diffed by a shikai

  21. ... Everybody knows Starrk was depressed and didn't even want to fight at all, and despite that He fought 4 captains lmao...

  22. If He is depression and that's his permanent state then there is no handicap lmaoooo, It's just part of his being, unlike starrk who was emotionally affected by watching all his friends die, + as I said he didn't even want to fight.

  23. The oposite is true as well, tons of people just go "But he hax / He brains, He win".

  24. Base probably peaked with kamoshida, but royal has one of the single best villains in all of fiction

  25. Oh well I can agree with that, 3rd semester is easily my favorite part of the game.

  26. Off the top of my head I can't think of a better villain than royal's final boss

  27. Yeah but that means He's one of the best you know, not one of the best in all fiction XD

  28. How would Renji v Byakuya be now? Would it be one sided like last time?

  29. Renji would definitely beat the byakuya that fought As Nodt and Tsukishima, but not the one that trained with the royal guard.

  30. Probably right tbh. Can't see him weaker than pre Royal Realm Byakuya but he's not as strong as bankai post Royal Realm

  31. -> Talking only about pre royal realm Byakuya, so the one who fights Tsukishima and As Nodt

  32. Yoruichi is literally being publicly masturbated and you have the audacity too say this

  33. Mostly is great for farming bane augments since those have an abysmal chance to drop

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