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  1. Yeah, I can barely even get 15 takedowns in Paradise, let alone get 15 in 3: Takedown, you know, the game that introduced takedowns!

  2. Wait, there where 2 burnouts WITHOUT TAKEDOWNS?

  3. Personally, I would prefer a new Burnout game with the same love and affection given to the earlier Burnouts (3, Revenge, and Paradise).

  4. I feel as though fans of arcade racers are lost, and are upset at games these days not being good. I understand the demographic is moving from arcade to more realistic sims, but don’t we already spend all of our lives in real life? Why do we need to make things realistic? To remind us of the despairs and frustrations of real life? Or to remind us that we could be doing that thing in real life, instead of behind a screen?

  5. Luckily, not yet. I live with a family where everyone sleeps in pyjamas. I got bored with pyjamas and just decided to do something different. I always keep my pyjamas under my pillows, and some undies next to me, in case somebody will be walking in, in case they decide to pull the sheets off.

  6. It is nimble and can hold it's own against the E8s and E9s quite nicely.

  7. I do get curious stares from onlookers whenever I play though.

  8. Also the pirate nd 😃 are both back

  9. Extra hot take: Wangan Midnight is superior to Initial D bc it has better character development, a dynamic main character, plot that involves street racing as well, a good setting and plot, and very expansive lore.

  10. Me playing Burnout: I’m just going to drive around, not much.

  11. I’m planning on beating all the Bioshocks by release order, so 1, then 2, and lastly infinite

  12. Oh no! I’m sorry to hear that! If you have registered your Banapassport on the website, then you can transfer all your data to a new, unused Banapassport.

  13. So it is a car issue. Because I tried with GTR, WRX, RX8, and do not encounter the issue.

  14. Nah, I’m just joking. I was just poking fun at you bc you’re using Evo IX. I assume maybe the game is glitching.

  15. You’re probably from North America, in which we are still on 5DX+. So you can’t use Navi app. Instead, use the My Page tab in the official North American WMMT5DX+ website.

  16. I like the Cavalry, but it doesn’t have the speed compared to my favourite, the Kitano Touge Sport.

  17. Oh god ask someone for a discarded card. Its so slow

  18. Well, here in Idaho, rarely anybody really plays with a Banapassport, and I usually play on weekends, whereas people with Banas usually play on weekdays (when I have school) so I really can’t. But I can try asking.

  19. Fanatec csr or csr elite, but frankly, FH1 is not great with a wheel.

  20. Viper does too, but not as wide as Aventador or Charger. Maybe similar or somewhat larger than R35.

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