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  1. I don't know if this is a supposed to be a sci-fi weapon, but it doesn't look anything like a real pistol that I've ever seen just in its overall design. You mentioned that you pieced it together from multiple concept art pieces. If you're going for realism, you might wanna leave this as it is as a record of your skills at this point cause I don't think it would benefit you to try and fight with this one. I would instead get some good reference photos of a real gun and base the details off of just one reference item. Gun people can look at a photo of a gun and tell you what kind it is, and so those details matter.

  2. Monkeys banging cymbals are political now? 0.o

  3. I actually think the hand grab was a way to connect with the guy as a human. Yes, in other contexts it would be a power move, but given the guy just did that, it's going "stay with me while I ask you why you did it, so you can sit with that feeling rather than laugh and walk off".

  4. It's like something you do to a little kid when you need to tell them something important.

  5. The average non-gamer has no idea Samus is female and probably thinks her name is Metroid kind of like the whole Link/Zelda thing.

  6. 2 reasons Yes generally it is faster. However there is no real way to "transfer" animations into a game engine without a rig. Say you keyframe two cubes moving around a scene. There is no way to export that into a game engine, you need to have bones to move those objects. There is Alembic which does allow you to integrate animations into game engines, but that answers the second reason. And that is that there are a lot of benefits to having a rig on your model in a game engine, from hitboxes to animation blending, to animating inside the engine and so on. Or another option is to just export them as meshes, and find a way inside of the engine to animate them (ex. Unreal Engine with blueprints)

  7. I believe what they meant is to just key frame joints of a skeleton, in sort of a forward kinematic fashion, without an actual control rig. I think when that other commentor said "rig" he meant system of controls and constraints to automate this behavior, not that it should be done without a skeleton entirely. Also, I think trying to animate this with blueprints OP would run into the exact same issues with less tools to help. No built in aim constraints for instance, those have to be cobbled together by hand in blueprints.

  8. a mall is lot different than a normal store though- most stores at least in nyc demand you buy something which is really sad

  9. I'm from a small town in the south and that's considered pretty inhospitable and rude. If someone seriously told me I had to buy something before I could use the restroom I'd burn the place down.

  10. The difference is that there is a large homeless population in NYC. The sad fact is that if you allow your bathrooms to be accessible to the public, then homeless people will take advantage of that fact. If you open it up to all people, suddenly it's a 19 year old, 110 pound cashier at Panera Bread's job to tell aggressive, potentially unstable homeless people that they can't set up camp in the bathroom.

  11. Yup, and no worries. I'm not even sure I know what I mean. I'm a Blender & 3D noob. LOL

  12. I looked it up and it looks like Blender has a graph editor similar to Maya. I've gotten really into animation lately and graph editors are insanely powerful, you should look into it.

  13. The Graph Editor was used in this tutorial. As I eluded to in my post title, I'm REALLY green, with respect to 3D and Blender. The learning curve is steep! It's a lot of fun though, so I hope I can stick to it.

  14. It's not rubbery, our bacon cuts are different from the US, it's like thin pork(texture, not taste).

  15. Our pigs have also been free of trichinosis for a while. Alright, if i ever go to England again I'll try the bacon. I've had it in Kenya made at an Italian restaurant and it was like chewing on a tire.

  16. If your teeth don't cut through it with minimal bite force it's not been cooked correctly 😅 Bacon sandwiches are the best.

  17. Ok. So it sounds like it's a more meaty cut than what we use for bacon in the US.

  18. I’m really freaked out that the refrigerator door is left open!

  19. That's why you never ever ever drag a stretcher like that. What was that guy thinking?

  20. That kids not "scaring the rooster", he's fighting for his life over here. Help that poor kid.

  21. War and remembrance. Mostly cause it was boring as shit and way over my head for me when I was a teenager. The only reason I read it was cause it was worth so many points, I figured I'd get all the points for the year in one book.

  22. When I was a kid I couldn't understand why adults were afraid of wolves, I just thought they were the size of like a golden retriever.

  23. Y'all wear shorts and a tank top in the 40s? I'm from the south, that's freezing to me.

  24. I like how the cop said "while I'm here might as well pick something up for the wife"

  25. If this happened at my wedding I'd put it in a big 18 by 24 frame and hang it on the wall.

  26. Probably satisfactory. That's why I quit playing it to be honest cause like hundreds of hours in I felt like I had gotten nowhere cause I'm OCD and kept rebuilding my lines to look pretty.

  27. I just realized I've been saying "uncrouch" constantly while playing games like it is the only word to describe that action

  28. The word you’re looking for is: to “stand”.

  29. I have actually labelled animations and their states crouch and uncrouch when working with locomotion systems. I guess you could argue it makes it more clear what goes to what in an already complex system, or maybe I really was just dumb at the time and forgot the word for stand.

  30. Oh man, the whole actual wedding part is a fucking nightmare. We ended up in a lawsuit with our venue rather than having a wedding because it spiraled into such a shit sandwich and they wanted to charge us for like double the number of guests we were going to have because the lady that gave us verbal confirmation we could have fewer people and prorate money that into like food/beverage/DJ or something left for another job and they wouldn’t honor the agreement after the fact.

  31. Me and my fiancee are going to get married beside a camper van in a Walmart parking lot by a guy named Jim, who used to be an ordained minister but fell on hard times but can still legally wed people, the way GOD INTENDED.

  32. It would just be that 3 month old kid with bone cancer who’s allowed to talk, everyone else would be silent. This scenario sounds peaceful.

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