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  1. If I still had 50’000 Reddit coins, u already know I’d be sending u the best award possible

  2. Another day another amazing set of skin animations. Keep these coming bro 😎

  3. This has been a running ritual for me to comment about him on kairos's tier list post... And well, Am I wrong about what I said in that comment?

  4. Sorry for late reply but no, you’re definitely not wrong my friend

  5. Please tell me I’m not the only person that found that weirdly funny

  6. glad you liked it, and I can guarantee you will like brawls stars as well, I am a very long term Supercell fan, playing CoC, clash royale and brawl stars for years, and I am certain that you won't be disappointed by their games. Also supercell games, especially brawl stars and clash royale has the most active communities in the entire mobile gaming scene, you can watch Kairostime's latest collab video to get an idea of all brawl stars YouTubers. supercell also hosts highly competitive million dollar championships for their games every year

  7. Yh I’ve also been playing brawl and clash royale for years and I’ve made so many friends over them. The communities are fantastic and they’re without a doubt the best mobile games. If you want anyone to help you get into a different game then im happy to add you and help. 😁👍

  8. As much as I want to comment on ur deck, I saw your comment on not commenting on ur deck so all I have to say is ‘nice predictions.’ Happy?

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