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  1. lootboxes are pure gambling and robbery imo,they will always profit more than players,and players will always overspend for the stuff and copy-pasta tanks.(for example,if you have su 130 you will get another one with skin,WG is too greedy to give players 10k gold instead btw that gold worth money too)

  2. Christmas boxes are probably the best way to spend your money on this game if you plan to spend any.

  3. lol never if i want to gamble ill gamble on sport to duoble my money.

  4. That's an easily achievable body with good diet and great genetics.

  5. hahahahah 90+ kgs on 180cm of pure muscle natty lool dude

  6. lol hes even mocking ufc and everyone with his "secret juice" if you dont get ut ur dumb af

  7. disable grass in sniper mode and for a change you will be able to se those weakspots

  8. these days other guys have like +3700wn8,thing about QB all other players are improving but hes apparently playing other game than all of us on his own way hes still the same overall 3300wn8 and doesnt seem to improve over the years while others went up (mailand,daki,kajzoo,orzy,etc etc).i used to watchim years ago when i was begginer but now i play his stream and first words he speaks it makes me turn him off cause of his fragile manchild ego stuff.

  9. we lost 1-15. Average WR on the enemy team was 54%, average win rate on my team was 47%.

  10. dont cry for 47% teams average when ur below 50% too.that just beats u mentaly and u will lose more games

  11. knowing how WG likes money it will probably be on sale sometimes so just wait my man

  12. I thought this has been in the game for a while now? It’s chat related, if the dot is there then it means that you can do things like request fire at an enemy, or ask someone on your team for help

  13. it has been for a while when u aim on someone so it means if you press help it will be sent to him etc etc

  14. dobt be rude,ur prbly bad at the game to participate in top clan campaign to get a tank,and now ur asking question for 12k bonds(obviously too low).spend it on equipment.

  15. get 40k+ bonds and ur good for sure,or it could be lower cause players spent their bonds on lion and auctions

  16. when are we gonna be able to spend fame points?i dog those camos tbh

  17. dude borat is best tier 8 prem imo wtf are u talking about

  18. its probably few people playing on it,there was a case with one acc long time ago that had like 160 k games and it was online nonstop so there were probably few guys playing ig

  19. Yet in almost every single game there are afk players that nothing is done about.

  20. lol i dont even report afk players we all have internet issues sometimes

  21. The typical thing is: player starts the game, and then goes afk for 2-3 minutes. I asked one of those players today what happened, he says he needed to go to the toilet and he doesn't care. So he knows he needs to go the toilet, but he doesn't want to wait in the queue, so he presses start battle already. Another thing that happened a few weeks ago, a triple player platoon afk for whole game. Also nothing is ever done about that either.

  22. give me some tips for char futur 4 im at 88% and always there...

  23. if ur at 88~90% u can mark it, its just a matter of time. U know already the basics, do u use food, bounty equipment, banned 2 shit maps for the char? Disabled encounter mode cause there are too many short battles? Use the snapshot directive for better gun handling at the cost of 10k Credits or if u have it and wanna spend it use the bond stabi directive on top. Do use a setup which inc. optics on open maps? Free spotting damage. Or where do u struggle?

  24. i do i marked bourrasque,progetto 46 and harder tanks but im a bit stuck at char smh,i may have to get used to 4sec between shots..but thanks for motivation

  25. where were you when chief was a reward tank? if you are decent player you can join the clan with much chiefs and 279s and still play ebr for example or cs but no,I have spent 2 weeks every day from 19:00 to 00:00+ for that chief so dont complain all chief players played their asses off to get it.

  26. the problem is not weak or not meta tanks,the problem is OP tanks,so better solution is to nerf op tanks than to make out of meta tanks op and they gonna end up with all tanks getting op and out of balance...if that makes any sense

  27. find a clan play the campaign and get carro 45t its better than progeto imo

  28. tier X yoh tank to me is the ugliest(with turret and gun that looks like screwdriver)and coolest tank in the same time(it looks brutal when hes facing you tho)

  29. ye ye thats why spain won the last basketball world cup not usa😂it was a bloodbath indeed

  30. Why post this question if you only really want approval to get the Cs? You don't care about the people saying the leo is better (which it is). Just get the damn tank and stop wasting people's time

  31. dude he can post whatever he wants as long as its not breaking any rules,u should just keept scroling and move on with ur life,and u choose to waste ur time commenting how he is wasting ur time

  32. sorry lenny i dont want any troubles i see ur a tough guy over the keyboard,sorry lenny wont happen again

  33. i activate free xp and credit boosters and play onslaught without gold ammo😂

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