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  1. I visited Seattle and went up into snowy forested mountains in winter. A great place. One of my favourite holidays

  2. Which club is it where the ladies sexually harass?? Asking for mate

  3. What do you find interesting about the Uk? I ask as I’m from there

  4. Well if you excuse the people that live there (that includes me) the uk has amazing sights and history if you know where to look. I'm really into norse history and culture and one of my favourite places is York. Even the small town I live in has some historical significance that I find fascinating. The peak district and scottish highlands are some of the most beautiful places in the world

  5. That’s true the British countryside can be really beautiful at times

  6. Crazy I’ve only been to Seattle once and America once and as soon as I saw this I thought it looked like Seattle

  7. That smell is hydrogen sulphide. This could be caused by many things such as swamps and salt marshes. Not all rivers smell like this and I’d say it’s uncommon as I’ve only smelled this a couple times from rivers.

  8. It could also be from the raw sewage that is leaking/dumped into parts of the rivers too, no?

  9. Yeh it could be that also anything decomposing in there

  10. This looks sick to just travel the world in convoy on Google cars

  11. Thought Ali said fuck it and was gonna go for the gaol himself for a sec

  12. So let's say Klopp leaves or sacked or whatever. Who would you guys go for? Steven Gerrard or Ancelotti?

  13. How can you even suggest gerrard after he did fuck all at Villa?

  14. This the season we lost Virg and others right? And remember how struggling we looked in most games? But after what we had this season I notice a stark difference. Despite losing the spine for the entire season, we were as hungry as ever to win matches and achieve that UCL spot. I still remember the eagerness, the pressing, and the desire to win. However this season, all seem lost to God knows what.

  15. That as definitely true for the last part of the season. But I the middle with the 6 straight losses at Anfield we were just as bad

  16. Yeah we were so far off top 4 at one point and losing to teams like Burnley and Everton at home. But we had such a strong finish and somehow ended up 3rd lol. Proper mad season.

  17. These are the reasons I’m weirdly fond of that season as well

  18. Bud, PBR, Hamms, Coors, Amstel, Miller, virtually any mass produced lager. They're all essentially the same beer.

  19. We should be grateful to have four distinct seasons with very little extreme weather.

  20. We’ve all done it. Just say you didn’t realise how good a goal it was or some bullshit

  21. Honestly parts of that game were so bad it was kinda funny. Thought Alisson, Bajcetic and the two CBs did alright. Everyone else was blegh

  22. Based on what? When has Jones come on and changed the game ever

  23. someone explain to me how a guy who had a heart attack plays better than our entire midfield. and he was available in summer for free

  24. He isn’t like our midfield though. Doesn’t win the ball back but is great on the ball. Doesn’t run loads

  25. Eriksen was regularly topping the distance covered stats in the league under Poch. This is bullshit

  26. Does anyone know any streams that work well on mobile so that I CAN AVOID THOSE VILLANOUS WEBSITES while travelling on the train today?

  27. Just type Liverpool live and scroll down you’ll find a stream

  28. Post with a picture text posts don’t rlly get upvoted there

  29. Gegenpressing played such a crucial role for Klopp's Liverpool. Yet, we've barely heard a squeak about gegenpressing in the last couple of years.

  30. I think we’re looking to play more like city to create chances through possession but we can’t do that it’s pathetic

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