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  1. This is the single most pro-Biden place I've seen and I kind of love it.

  2. I submitted the Giant Squid video last time, so heck here's another sea monster!

  3. There is no way in hell the mess that's our current Honor system survives into 10th.

  4. Yo how's the weather on the isle of conclusions you jumped all the way to?

  5. This subreddit is definitely more sour on the trilogy at large than most communities I know, make no mistake.

  6. I think a lot of that comes from the podcast. We've all spent the past year listening to Woolie's Mass Effect updates and every single one comes with Pat griping about everything he finds wrong with them.

  7. I feel you. I'm consciously aware humming birds are birds but every time I see one in real life, my mind wants to file it away under the same category designated for dragonflies.

  8. Convergent evolution baby, animals that eat the same things tend to have similar body plans. Hence why hummingbirds have bodies that look rather insect-like. Heck, here in central texas we also get moths showing up that are the same exact size and shape as hummingbirds.

  9. acetone is lighter than water, so just like the naptha it will float, so dont mix it up, just decant the NPS (at this stage it is a mixture of acetone and naptha) and discard that, then add naptha and continue the tek as normal. I would evap test the acetone as well mind, just in case you left some of it in the base, but it should be fine.

  10. Sounds like a plan, thanks man. Glad this stuff is so easy to work with.

  11. No, but he does have pretty bad ADHD. Why do you think it took him 10,000 years to finish making the Primaris marines?

  12. I'm still reading Kotaku but only because I've been reading it continuously since like...2006, and at this point I'm just coasting. It sucks, where else should I go for news?

  13. Huh, I stopped reading, man maybe ten or so years ago when I realized "well, this article is just something I read on reddit like 3 or so days ago" for most of the articles.

  14. Yeah I just checked it again and now their front page story is about some drama in the Incel community? I remember when they started reporting on non-game stuff but it always seemed at least tangentially related.

  15. Someone clearly has no idea how long fossils take to form.

  16. What I would give to have all of my favorite IPs to be how I remember them instead of the pale re-imagining that they all have become. I hate to live in the past but new trek and wars suck now.

  17. Heck do what I did and get into Gundam. There's a zillion series to binge and the current one (Witch from Mercury) is very good.

  18. Jesus all my subreddits are merging together.

  19. Thank GOD. I can finally play Guilty Gear without the PS5's godawful mushy d-pad.

  20. You know how when you pop bubble wrap sometimes you get a really unsatisfying bubble that doesn't pop at all, it just sort of mushes down and deflates? Yeah that's what the d-pad feels like.

  21. This is why men need women around, to remind us of stupid obvious crap like this that our dumb man brains can't wrap our heads around.

  22. I swear with that frown I hear the frowning sound effect from Spongebob

  23. My guess would be Catahoula Leopard pups. To be honest, these look to me more like pure Catahoula’s than Danes, although there may be some dane in there. If you Google Catahoula Leopard pups you’ll see the similarities, I think.

  24. Looks like it to me. I have a catahoula/dane mix and he's the sweetest dog I've ever met, he just wants to lay on top of you all day long and cuddle.

  25. This game is trash, but the Let's Play the Super Best Friends did of it is maybe my favorite LP ever.

  26. Nope, it was just the Steller Sea Cow. Just Sea Cows as far as the eye could see. Believe it or not all other marine life didn't evolve until the mid 1300's.

  27. I've been watching the original Mobile Suit Gundam and Amarou is clearly going to be a nervous wreck by the end of this series. Heck, he spends most of episode 8 or 9 bitching about how he wants to just take a goddamn nap already and honestly I can't blame him.

  28. 40k is such a sexless setting that the horny has to get in somewhere.

  29. He was 3d squelton and I can't remember exactly what he did but apparently he was a huge help with animating the whole show

  30. Kind of baffled they haven't put Aerial in yet for that marketing synergy.

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