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  1. Ari Shaffir, had his special cancelled delayed because of a

  2. Why not both? Can absolutely blame the people who voted for this, as well as the ones who didn't vote. Both equally at fault for our current shitshowation

  3. You can, I just don't know if "blaming" people is going to be productive. Either they're still good with their vote, or they regret and you risk alienating them. Fact is they at least made the effort to exercise their right to vote while a lot of other people have complained but not actually taken minimal effort to do something about it.

  4. Very large population segment that only gets vocal about stopping higher density housing in their neighborhoods. I'll lump them all together, they're the worst.

  5. Sounds to me like the parents (or the father specifically), was being a huge pain in their asses and kept pissing them off and annoying them.

  6. The house would have been sold to them by habitat and mortgage is geared to income. The donated land is Habitats benefit, which allows them to keep rolling while people who move in are paying a fraction of what a 25 year amortization payment would otherwise be

  7. Our elentra engine gave out two weeks ago it was 10 years old and 220k on it, I send it to the scrap yard as I was t going to pursue a engine replacement plus the car was shit anyway had electrical issues the dash stopped working on and off etc.

  8. I'll back up the Mazda story. When I was shopping they were the best. Ended up with a Mitsubishi. Strictly on availability at the time.

  9. I’ve read this sentiment before on Reddit— and I don’t disagree re: aesthetics— but I don’t know if I’ve seen new construction that didn’t use quarterround or shoe molding with hardwood floors?

  10. Shoe mold is so much better looking than 1/4 round. And you're right, both are ubiquitous in new construction

  11. Thread needs more sideburns references

  12. The simple truth about Sid. Especially since he’s left sports TV, there’s absolutely no reason anybody should or needs to be hearing his takes on sport.

  13. That's like saying Canadians shoot up schools all the time.

  14. I love Willow, I assumed everyone did, so it was 'properly rated' but seeing all these songs land above on everyone's Opinion Lists, I've got to agree, Underrated (except by me)

  15. Why dont you go find a homeless guy and get him a job? Surely they would love to not be homeless anymore.

  16. Lol. Spoken with a wealth of relevant experience im sure.

  17. 500 miles would be OK for LNL/Route but it's not even close to what an OTR truck will do in a 14 hour day.

  18. And not nearly the cargo of a container ship, why even try, right?

  19. Unfortunately the only way to do that is to have enough politicians vote to cripple their own party's power. Well, a party with a majority would have less power, the others would usually have more under proportional representation.

  20. We had a referendum about it. Although that was early in my buying career so may have been 20 years by now

  21. Maybe he financed it on a short period instead of 8 years, that's the only thing I can think of other than OP buying a lambo

  22. Had my Chevy Volt over 48 months @ $700/month. Paid off now and what a difference it makes in my budget. ($800 winter tires going on next week)

  23. Well, as a carless pedestrian, I am aware there are serious issues with public transit here in London. Also, I almost get hit Every. Single. Day.

  24. Did 8 months in London some years ago. I have a car but prefer transit, both were awful ways to get around that city.

  25. This sub and sitting on their asses and making posts about needing to protest without actually doing anything - name a more iconic duo

  26. Any post that starts with "we" or "let's".... no, how about You do it, and if enough people agree, they'll join.

  27. Sure. If a Reddit comment is the spark that ignites the revolution I'll stand happily corrected.

  28. Yeah, sometimes cops will ride busses that give them view into other vehicles so they can tag the vehicles for other cops down the road.

  29. Toronto did bus riding and dressed like homeless people at highway off ramps to catch cell phone users

  30. Why spend funds helping the homeless when you can use them as cover to fine people instead....

  31. They don't Cost money, they Make money, what's the problem?

  32. So the minimum mass for a star is about 80x Jupiter. So nowhere near becoming a star. At 13 Jupiter masses it could become a brown dwarf (fuses Lithium but not Hydrogen - leading to a quick burnout).

  33. try writing the same thing without starting it off with "So, " and you may notice less people rolling their eyes

  34. This shit is why I just lost my family doctor. She's young, and had a nice little thing going.

  35. "People are saying kids want masks." Gtfo

  36. The drink package prices look higher than they did earlier on the website when I use the app. I hope they didn’t decide to bump them back up.

  37. Can confirm, 10% higher for Nov 28 sailing (990 vs 900 two weeks ago)

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