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  2. That really sucks and I'm so sorry. I'm disappointed in the people who have done this. And I am sure Tyler and Josh will be disappointed in these people too. I am greatly sorry and wish there was something I could do to help. Just know that there is people out there who support you, even though those people are hard to find. I hope one day people will understand and support disability. I don't even know what to say, this is so upsetting how people are acting and I hope you or anyone else will never have to experience this again.

  3. OMG THE NED BUCKET HAT IS THE CUTTEST ANF BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! Not at all what I was expecting when I read the bio before I saw the pic, it's so so so beat my expectations!! Also the Bandito bucket hat looks absolutely amazing and came out greattttt Honestly this whole post is just so amazing, and you are super talented, I can only hope to be that good at crocheting one day. ❤️

  4. I know there is talk about roe X wade opening the doors to more rights being overturned, especiallyto do with same sex, I'm not saying it will, just hypothetical since it has been coming up

  5. The decision specifically states that nothing within the text of that decision should be construed to have any other effect on any other issue that does not concern abortion, so for the time being, put all such thought out of your mind.

  6. It's a hypothetical, and I'm interested to know what would happen if said thing did happen. It's just what is going on in the news right now made me wonder. Also the comments are meant for people trying to answer the question, not for criticizing a hypothetical question

  7. Mabye you just gotta put in the bio and tag them or sumthing so like your acknowledge the copyright or sumthing idkkk I did a really bad job of typing this😂

  8. Yeah I remember the original was forever 21 and you can’t get the exact one anymore on there. But you may be able to find similar ones.

  9. We gotta start a petition for forever 21 to bring this back

  10. It's so unfair because if you are a virgin then people will think you are unexperienced, can't find someone to have sex with, and/or are afraid of having sex which I'd mockaboe for some reason. And then (mainly for females) of you are not a virgin then you are see as a hoe. It's just completely unfair and the word virgin should be taken out of English all together. Or at least considering some kind of curse word

  11. I understand this and you should totally just shave it will fell so much better

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