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  1. You can sign up for their mypharmacy site. It lets you request refills online and get emails when they are ready for pickup.

  2. Yes, Sherbourne can assist you, as can your Family Dr. You have to be out to them, if you have such.

  3. Sherbourne doesn’t appear to be taking in anymore patients according to their site so I’m gonna try CW Health Center tomorrow instead :’) thanks though.

  4. From my experience, I wasn't even able to on a wait list with Sherbourne, but I'll give you a rundown of the process and other options:

  5. I’m honestly surprised at how long waitlists everywhere are, considering I’m one of the only two (out) trans people I know lol. Where are my people??

  6. No, you'd rather pay to win, as if thats somehow rewarding or better >_>.

  7. know reg servers have lots of f2p people too, right? Some of us like having an auction house and easier access to fashion story lol.

  8. Do you know how much the deposit is? I might have overlooked this info somewhere.

  9. Not all programs have deposits! You could contact the graduate administrator of your department and just ask.

  10. My department doesn’t seem to have mentioned deposit anywhere, so you might be right. Guess I’ll have to email and ask after all.

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