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AITA for not comforting my wife after my daughter told her she’s not her mum?

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AITA for having alcohol around my pregnant wife?

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AITA for telling my step son that his eyeshadow didn’t match his outfit instead of asking him to take it off like my MIL wanted me to?

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AITA for using flash cards to explain to my brother and his wife why they can't bring their rainbow baby to my wedding?

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  1. Don't disrespect your grandparents by "sharing" your inheritance. They chose to give it to you guys not your father. Ignore him and I suggest block his number

  2. This is the most important reason to not share your inheritance from your grandparents. Please consider their wishes before you do anything that they would not have had you do. I'm sorry for the loss of your wonderful grandparents.

  3. I'm not sure what the difference is. Sexual assault is any forced sexual contact. We can get contact/touch DNA.

  4. This is the problem with using the terms sexual assault for everything from touching to forced penetration. There are times when we need to explain exactly what we mean for everyone to understand.

  5. I was a preemie at 7 months too! Weighed 1lb 13 oz, & was so tiny even doll clothes were too big for me. I still believe the only reason I pulled through while other preemies didn't in NICU was because my parents did skin-to-skin contact & would talk to me, sing to me, stroke my head, etc. That affection I think helped me survive; skin-to-skin wasn't really a commonly known thing in the 80s like it is now.

  6. My brother was born in the late '50's and weighed 2.8 lbs. My parents were told to go home and consider they didn't have a second child. They were not allowed to visit him, touch him, have any contact with him, until the day they brought him home 2.5 months later. My brother never had a chance to bond with my parents, until he came home. He, unfortunately, bonded with the nurses in the premie ward.

  7. My youngest is in the NICU right now (he was born at 34 weeks, thanks preeclampsia!) and this breaks my heart for all parties.

  8. I am sending you all my best wishes that your son will be home with you soon.💙

  9. Good advice. I tell my husband how hot he looks all the time and we are 40s. When he’s getting ready for work and I can see he’s looking in the mirror I’m like damn you look great! These small things go a long way in my mind.

  10. I'm 66 and my husband just turned 70, and we tell each other how the other looks terrific or is especially good looking on that particular day.

  11. I had this same problem with my husband. I am not comfortable with giving or receiving compliments. He craves words of affirmation.

  12. You completely hit the nail on the head. Your examples and suggestions are so good, for me I don't think I need to read anymore comments. ( I'm just kidding for those of you who wrote comments listed after this one.)

  13. So if this is all true and your husband truly talks to you like this and does nothing around the house then why are you still with him?

  14. I worked in It for 20 years. I used to tell people not to poke their screens with their fingers because they'd end up with dead pixels. People ignored me. People broke their screens.

  15. Well, having worked in IT both professionally and on a family and friends IT, I never ran into a broken screen on any of the customers laptops. Many of my customers traveled internationally and within the US, and never broke their screens. I worked on many brands and models of laptops, from the very expensive professional machines to the cheaper ones that are affordable for many middle class people. Using my experience, laptop screens and not easily broken.

  16. Not that it makes a difference but the dad was holding their daughter when calling her a c***

  17. Oh it makes a difference. He has just introduced his daughter to that word. A word she may very well be called by some other asshole in HER life at a later date. Given that she's a toddler, how's he going to feel when the daughter repeats that word either to her mother or one of her friends? OP he's YTA..

  18. 15 years together with my SO= We still won't look, but will give each other an estimate of how many courics

  19. Frankly, from your original post and your subsequent comments, I am not feeling the love you would need to keep your husband. What I am feeling is he changed and you feel an obligation to accept that change and continue with your marriage. Again the love seems to be missing.

  20. How did that or see if you could check with the bride. I realize you're coming as a plus one, but as a bride I would appreciate someone asking me personally if what they plan to wear was appropriate. Maybe I'm just weird.

  21. That’s kinda what I was thinking. I got this dress specifically for this wedding but I do have other options if needed

  22. Could you have the slit closed a little bit so that it is down closer towards the knee? That's a pretty high slit for pretty much anywhere. I love the dress though. And the color is absolutely stunning.

  23. I am so sorry you lost your friend. I feel like I know him from the beautiful tribute you wrote. May he read this on the other side. Good night sir.

  24. Am I the only one thinking the nephew's age (4) is very sus? it is the age in which kids are soon to go to kindergarten, and she would be pressured to get a job...

  25. I had a friend who decided to have a second child when her husband suggested she go back to work. When the second and first children were of an older age, she had a third, again to avoid going back to work. Luckily her husband changed fields and made a wonderful salary that allowed them to have a very good life with the three children they had. As far as I know she never went back to work.

  26. We were unable to have another due to infertility (and failed cycles with our leftover embryos) but we waited until we were financially secure enough to afford another kid before we started treatment again. Like, the one we have was in elementary school so we weren't paying for daycare anymore.

  27. I am so sorry for the loss of your child's twin. However, I do understand the "I got pregnant when we could afford a kid, and by the time the kid arrived, not so much". I began the most incredible, creative budgeting you can imagine. By the time we were back to living comfortably, I was getting too old, by my standards, and realized that a second child was not my best option.

  28. My father walked me down the aisle but something else happened that I never, in a million years, would have suspected.

  29. I don't know how long ago the rape occurred. But if you can still use Plan B, call Planned Parenthood and see if they can FedEx a package to you. Explain your situation and no guarantees but they might help. Good luck to you and your daughter.

  30. For my sister it was chicken. She couldn't even look at it without vomiting. The neighbors cooking chicken would make her vomit. Random pregnant woman things.

  31. For me it was pork and pork products. It was so bad that when I was walking past the meat section in my supermarket, I put up a hand next to my eyes so that I couldn't see the pork in the meat section. That's how bad it was. Just the sight of pork wrapped in styrofoam and plastic was enough to make me sick.

  32. I know I would have been completely accepting if my son was gay, Trans, or anything but cis-male and straight.

  33. But do they get out of the house for the day? Having them at home at the same time would negate the exercise. Having the house to yourself is a big deal for some of us.

  34. Where do you expect him to go for an entire day with a baby? Babies need naps, changing, feeding and get tired of being away from home. He takes the child so the mom can sleep in or go and get her nails done and have fun all on her own on the weekends, he is home and not working. At least 40% of the time she's getting a day off at home without the child. How much time does she need.?

  35. There are tons of places you can go for a day with a baby. Museums, the zoo, a hike, a bike ride, cross-country skiing- these are all things I did with my babies. Hell, I did them all with a baby and a toddler. One thing I know for sure, if they are all in the house together, neither parent gets a break. That's why OP is so productive on those days. His spouse just wants the same privilege. If he's not willing to give it to her, he at least has to acknowledge that it is a privilege he gets that she does not.

  36. Everybody keeps forgetting that the wife is getting a whole day off at home 40 to 50% of the work year. This is really a reason why he needs to talk to her. She is getting time alone without the baby on the weeks she works for 4 days instead of five. She just either forgot or was in a pissy mood on Thanksgiving, take your pick.

  37. Not necessarily. I'm in my mood 30s and divorced but still have the same best friend. We see each other often and he's probably the most supportive person in my life. We've been friends almost 20 years. I would not withhold information like that from him for someone I was dating, there is no way. I would probably be quite upset with the boyfriend in this scenario for withholding that kind of information from my friend and I might even break up with them for it but I would still tell my friend.

  38. Shit you mean I should have been in my 30s and already divorced before I met the love of my life? I married my husband when I was 27, and this past Saturday we celebrated 39 years. Yes people do get married in their twenties my parents did, and so did the parents of most of my friends. Also most of my friends. Not every boyfriend you have in your twenties turns out to be a placeholder.

  39. But no one got screwed. People need to stop counting chickens before they hatch. No one is owed inheritance. People get to change their mind basically until they're dead.

  40. This is especially true if grandfather is not terminally ill at the moment. I don't know how old he is, what his health is like, but unless they know he's dying right about now, no one knows when they're going to get their money. It's silly counting your chickens before they hatch.

  41. I have seen a lot of comments about the dad never wanting to come and maybe that's true but the weird thing until 6 months ago, he always shows a lot of excitement especially about getting to meet me.

  42. I am so sorry this has happened to your fiance and you. I really wish his father had come through for him and you and decided to travel here for the wedding I wish the two of you a wonderful, long and happy marriage and a beautiful wedding.

  43. I got pissed off when my OB called my youngest a "miracle baby." He was a 3rd healthy child, and the few minor pregnancy issues were in control. But I was fat, so...

  44. Oh yeah. That kid who runs on the dance floor during the important dances, helps himself to a fist full of wedding cake during cocktail hour.

  45. And Auntie Muted will go ballistic. "Who let this milk drinking, Barn Owl screeching, little bastard into the reception? Off with his head. "

  46. I'm a man in his 30s and would love to try for a sugar daddy, but I'm well past my prime lol

  47. Wouldn’t you tell him during the wedding planning process at some point, if it was important to you? It seems that it would come up, especially since there’s family members flying in from a very diff culture

  48. I might have told him about the white and weddings thing, except I didn't know anything about it when we got married. It was 1983 and I hadn't heard anything about that up until then.

  49. I agree with all of this, but I’m still gonna vote YTA because OP really should have informed his mother about American wedding traditions and faux pas before she flew abroad. He’s the one who put his mother and wife in this awkward situation when a simple phone call, text, email, etc. could have avoided the entire thing.

  50. You are assuming the groom knew that women weren't supposed to wear white to weddings in America. I am American married to a Brit I don't remember what anybody wore to the wedding besides me. He had sisters who were not born here and who did not come until very shortly before their weddings so they might not have known, and as the bride I didn't know either.

  51. Yeah, confrontation sucks and is especially hard for some people, there's nothing unusual about feeling generally bad after that interaction but definitely don't feel like you brought it on yourself by looking or that you deserve blame for attempting to placate an pregnant lunatic.

  52. You handled the situation the best way you possibly could. This woman was definitely not thinking clearly and decided that you were to blame. You did nothing wrong and frankly I can't think of a better way to have handled the situation then what you already did.

  53. If you are still at the place you are babysitting right now call your parents and tell them everything and get them to call the police on your behalf

  54. Call your parents now. Don't wait for the morning don't wait for his parents to come home call them now. You need adults there who can help you with the police if you decide to call the police tonight. Good luck.

  55. With this kind of ass at home, I would go to the library and work from there. That's if working from the office isn't available.

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