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How in hell did they survive this?

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  • By - t0qst

  1. That scene when the police officer dude fought against Boozoo and Billy in the parking lot like Hank vs the twins? Amazing parallel

  2. So, I guess no one knows what he's thinking might not be the best character trait, huh

  3. I'm the least lady-like lady anyones ever met, but I blame my hometown for that one lmao

  4. Scarborough, I'm going back in 2023 summer to see if I can do it again with the new four feet in the air slanted toilets

  5. I feel somewhat responsible for this 4 feet off the ground thing

  6. I didnt see if he did but according to one of the videos someone put the glove in their mouth

  7. So in actuality it's more towards the worry of over funding police and to stop the poor training of them which results in a lot of bad situations reported about on the news

  8. Stupid discussion. The show is harmless fun, leave Chase alone.

  9. I love the rest but I'm not sure about that class traitor, we all saw how Brian Griffin ended up.

  10. I think they said before they were waiting for Part 3 to end so it might be soon. Don't quote me though because things may have changed since its obvious at this point that there will be no AOE.

  11. They’re releasing it some day soon*

  12. As your reward, I shall give you money for copies of your book for me and my roommate

  13. Unrelated, this is the first time I’ve actually seen art of this battle. It’s rad as hell

  14. THE ENDING JUST KEEPS FOLLOWING ME. NOT FOR 10 YEARS AT LEAST Edit: why the downvotes? I was just quoting chap 139 of AOT??

  15. You amassed downvotes for our sake… I won’t let this transgression go to waste!

  16. Probably people who don’t get the joke, I’m not sure if the AoT manga fandom and Fortnite fandom have too much crossover

  17. This is me falling down the stairs

  18. Bro I literally made shit like this seven years back, age 15-16. Every teen fell down a weird pipeline like this back in the day

  19. Yeah, probably. Doesn’t make my point any less full at all.

  20. It’s a scam, they’ll eventually most likely lead to the “Binder” steam dev account.


  22. I cant believe it, Professor Willow was in Epstein’s little black book this whole time

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