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Elon Musk announces ‘general amnesty’ for all suspended Twitter accounts

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  1. Matt Roy doesn’t look like the same player to me, he looks slow and sloppy with the puck. I thought he was solid and now idk he hasn’t looked like himself this season imo

  2. On the All The Kings Men podcast, they said he had 43 turnovers all last year, and so far this year he has 24. (I may be off one or two, going from memory.)

  3. Imagine thinking you look good but you end up on a page called “terrifying AF” 😂😂

  4. This is what it looks like when you wear your mental illness on the outside.

  5. A clock, the shuffling of feet, a car driving by, a cough in the other room, the hum of a printer, a furnace kicking on.

  6. I never said the defense isn't playing poorly. I only mentioned that our goaltending is bottom of the barrel. I would however argue that our goaltending is WORSE than our defense. After 25 games played, the stats prove more than you think when coming to "high danger chances." Reading the room here, it's a very obvious that goaltending has been the dreaded theme on this subreddit the past week and for good reason.

  7. We've also given up way more goals than we did at this point last season. Doughty got hurt in like the 4th game of last season. So somehow by adding a healthy Doughty, Fiala, Walker, and an emerging Villardi, we've amassed one more win at this point than we did last season. This is the season where the actual expectations are playoffs, compared to last year where those weren't the expectations and we got there with an on paper way worse roster.

  8. True, but we also lost our third line, which meant we had to juggle lines early on.

  9. This is a blatant abuse of power, abuse of the legal process, a violation of multiple rights, malicious prosecution, and highly unethical. Prosecutorial immunity does not protect out-of-control assholery like this. Hopefully the doctor will sue him in both his professional and personal capacity, get a huge verdict, and bankrupt this corrupt motherfucker. He also needs to be reported to the state bar and face an ethical inquiry and potential license suspension. This is police state bullshit run amok.

  10. It would be helpful if there were protests in front of the prosecutors office every single day.

  11. OK, I get this, but this doesn’t solve the garbage defense that gave up 5 goals in less than 25 minutes last night before Cal even got into the game.

  12. No ESPN I’m not watching a :30s ad to see the highlights. Who has the game recap link?

  13. What the hell changed from last year within this team? I can’t take it with the bone headed mistakes. It’s every game. I seriously do not understand how we are where we are in the standings at this point. This team needs a major wake up call

  14. The defense has completely broken down. Look at the status of our D right now:

  15. This stuff is crazy. Not sure if anyone else has noticed this too, but I’ve seen a flood of spam Reddit posts that just so happen to have started when the protests out in West Taiwan started picking up steam. Call me paranoid but I think they are trying to drown the posts about everything going on out there with the spam.

  16. My point is why does it matter what political side he's on? I'm tired of the media always painting one side as a bad guy. Both sides have fucked up people on them.

  17. You can't "both sides" the argument if only one side tried to violently overthrow the government.

  18. Sure I can. Because I'm tired of both sides constantly smearing the other side in media. It gets old really fast. Both sides have extreme bias.

  19. That is not what we are talking about. We are talking about the sedition that the Oath Keepers were convicted of. The Oath Keepers are a far-right group. The article is just stating facts.

  20. Why is the search worthless?

  21. We no longer use IT Glue, but I am still subscribed on the forum items I thought were important subtasks and sections on the checklists, bulk operations to edit, move, delete files, and identifying which user marked a checklist item as completed.

  22. Linkin Park helped me through some really dark times in my life. Riding in my car, alone, screaming the lyrics that were touching my soul.

  23. They wanted him to do something so they could complain about what he did. It was a no win situation. He Trudeau did nothing and they'd have used it to argue him being ineffectual or he did something and they complain about him over reaching.

  24. Exactly. Ford was at his cabin riding around on a snowmobile when Trudeau was calling for meetings to determine what Ford's plan was.

  25. Spoiler - it doesn't. I'm pretty much convinced that musk doesn't comprehend that 'business' isn't an inherently universal concept and that a social media company cannot be ran like a car/aerospace company.

  26. I'm pretty convinced Musk is doing his best to tank the company. Advertisers already warned him they would pull out if he continued down this path, but he is doing it anyway. He has lost key payroll. He is making major changes daily that are driving users away. Soon, everyone is going to get tired of the Elon Musk show and the remaining users will abandon the platform as soon as their is any kind of alternative. The cesspool will become a cauldron of hate and racism and then Musk will file bankruptcy to protect his assets and dump the platform.

  27. I'm sure this is just the tip of the iceberg. There was a LOT of money being passed out during Covid. We need an audit.

  28. Great. Now we need to figure out how to build all the infrastructure for it.

  29. I think this type of transparency into the process is refreshing and enlightening. Voters should know what their representatives do and how they do it. I look forward to reading more.

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