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  1. Wow! That's risky but Interesting. How's it went?

  2. Actually really well, we've remained very good friends for over 12 years by now.

  3. Luckily i haven't had any of those

  4. I have thought about this a bit longer, and realised that while I don't get DM's, I used to get a lot of creepy messages when online gaming and people found out I was a girl. Thankfully hasn't happened in a while

  5. Maybe it would have worked in my teens/early twenties, but now I appreciate myself too much to care about what some idiot is saying. I'd probably laugh at him, because he is being so weird, and then go back to ignoring.

  6. They already know and ultimately don't care, else they wouldn't have done the things they did. The reason you can know they knew that they were hurting you and what they did was wrong, is that most of them only ever do it without others present. As soon as someone walks in, they stop.

  7. Very embarressed and a little grossed out

  8. I’m honestly surprised at how few people feel this way. But I’m not a fan of masturbation for either side anyways.

  9. I was surprised as well. I feel like I might be somewhere on the ace spectrum, because often I find these things gross to think about, though I do want to have sex with my husband (as in, initiated by me) at times

  10. When they compliment my personality or style because I get made fun of for my style a lot. And when people tell me I have a good personality it just makes me all happy because I love knowing if people think I’m a good person

  11. Not knowing your style, but I feel like I would love your style!

  12. Yeah I have this like grunge, soft emo look to me, like I don’t have the emo hair but I have the clothing and it’s just soften down a little bit so it looks a little normal, I still get made fun of though

  13. Honestly love that! Too bad you feel like you have to soften it though

  14. Is this a joke or is there a specific reason why not?

  15. That's why I asked if it was a joke yes

  16. It happened once; in the time it took them to reply to my proposal, I found another job that paid 50% more and had way better benefits as well.

  17. From elementary school, high school, and my mom. As well as from my GP. I live in a country where sex ed is good.

  18. H.Y.C.Y.B.H. by Tom Cardi. I have it on sometimes when I roll into my work's parking garage, which requires my access pass to open the gate. So colleagues can enjoy it.

  19. I ignore them, not my problem that day

  20. i don’t. i’m super fluffy right now and it’s embarassing, even my dad has started making fun of me when i see him. i had spine surgery last year and it’s still difficult for me

  21. I'm so sorry, especially being made fun of. Is waxing an option?

  22. A little Donkey Kong plush that my boyfriend gave me on our first year anniversary.

  23. Idk why but this sounds very cute

  24. I don't think you can become an intellectual - you are either very smart, or you're not. You can try to study as much as possible, however. Especially art history and philosophy, as well as literature, are common topics.

  25. Yes, it is. Though communication may be key

  26. Care about other people and the world

  27. I'm doing great career-wise. Just landed a well-deserved promotion!

  28. For me, when I was 22 I was involved in a house fire. My exterior burns and scars are minimal, but I nearly died because of hot smoke inhalation, which scarred my lungs, throat, and vocal cords.

  29. I am so sorry you have gone through that, and are still going through it in a way. I am so proud of what you are doing though

  30. It creeps back in sometimes, to be honest. The depression is beat back, not gone.

  31. If you ever want to talk, feel free to DM. You're not alone

  32. They do sell watermelon (where i live anyway), have you tried those?

  33. Oh that's definitely not a good idea

  34. I have the opposite problem and it's terrifying. Just a few days ago I had a group of friends talking about a weekend hangout from only a year ago.

  35. That sounds so scary, I'm sorry this happens to you!

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