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  1. Santa 100% ! I would totally put him in my yard and make sure I got a spot light for him at night for all to see 😂

  2. Wait doesn’t she shill young living? And has a massive following because of her husband?

  3. Why is this even on Pinterest?? No one on there cares about this stuff 🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️🤦🏼‍♀️

  4. " Chiseled " ? Because it's spelled " chiselled " and most people think of bodybuilding not Jesus.

  5. Pls 💀 her content does not belong on Pinterest. No one goes to Pinterest for videos like this lmaoooo she is so desperate I love it

  6. Seriously. I go on Pinterest for food recipes and craft ideas for my toddler. I don’t think people use Pinterest the way she thinks 🤦🏼‍♀️

  7. I totally agree. Didn’t feel it and this exact quote is what sealed it for me.

  8. I mean if I was going to be a leader in a group or organization I would 100% be looking up the people involved and learning more about the organization before I say yes. Like a quick google search would have helped..

  9. Yeah, I'm lost on what "security team ministry" means, too. Like, is it a ministry, or a security team? Do they perform security, or minister to those who do? 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. The church I go to has a security team that stay near the doors and welcome people when they come in but they also walk around the building to make sure things are secure. They also have them stationed near the kids area so no random person can get near where the kids go without them noticing or letting them. So I’m not sure what they meant by security ministry since my church just calls it security team. 🤷🏼‍♀️

  11. Ive never noticed security at any churches ive attended…. Welcomers at the door and aisles, thats it. Maybe i just dont notice?

  12. Some churches might now have any 🤷🏼‍♀️ all the ones I’ve been to in my area have security teams. And I don’t live in a bad area either.

  13. Someone is very jealous of her sister’s travels. I thought you lived the perfect life Morgan, how can you possibly be bored or sad if you’ve made such flawless perfect godly choices? Isn't being a mom and wife everything a woman should ever want?

  14. I was thinking that too about her sister! Wonder if she thought that she would be able to travel when she married Paul but soon found out that wouldn’t be the case.

  15. I'm really, really having a tough time seeing Porgan enjoying international travel. They seem like the kind of people who would do next to no research or preparation, complain about everything that's different from the US, and end up taking pictures in a McDonalds in any country they went to.

  16. Oh yeah I could totally see that and them being those rude tourists to the locals.

  17. There’s speculation on a couple of other posts that they baby has been gone longer but she’s just now posting about it.

  18. You think they are not intentionally (intentionally) making fun of bethyyyyy and davvvvvvv?

  19. She is drinking a quarter of a gallon a day of raw milk? No wonder she is doing TikToks on the toilet.

  20. My baby who was 8 months old at the time had a reaction to the antibiotics she was put on for her ear infection. It didn’t show up until day 3 of taking them 🤷🏼‍♀️ So my guess is it could show up right away or take longer depending on how they react to it.

  21. I’ve had bosses complain in the past about not coming in when the roads are terrible and everything is closed. I just ask them if they’re planning on paying for my tow and vehicle repairs when my car ends up in an accident.

  22. Gosh that makes me remember a huge snow storm we had last year where it shut down our major highways and guess what didn’t close? My workplace. I told them I wasn’t coming in since my car was literally buried in snow and everything else was shut down. They weren’t happy but I was not risking it. It took my husband half the day to unbury our cars from the snow.

  23. She is such a selfish beyoch. This is only so she can get her magical breastfeeding experience. Fix the ties if they are a problem but let him eat how he wants. Pumped milk is working for him and you don’t mess with a preemie who is feeding well. I wonder how she will react if he doesn’t want the boob after the ties are gone?

  24. Seriously you do what’s best for the baby and not what you want. My firstborn refused the nipple and preferred bottles and you know what I did? I pumped for 15 months for her since that’s what she preferred. Not gonna lie and say it was easy but she was fed and happy. This lady (I don’t know much about her) just gives off icky feelings and that poor baby. Just feed him the way he prefers.

  25. That's awesome! I wish I had that experience. My son never did get a good latch so I pumped for 3 months but when I had to go back to work I was really struggling mentally because I still had to get up every 2 hours at night to pump so I switched to formula. It was great for my mental health and my son did fine with the switch but mom guilt is so real. We all do the best we can I guess! 🙂

  26. It was exhausting for sure! But thankfully my husband helped with nighttime feedings. I would get up and pump and then he would use that to feed her. It worked out great. And thankfully where I worked I had another mom pumping too. I asked her so many questions lol. But don’t beat yourself up and using formula! As long as your baby was happy and fed that’s all that matters 💕

  27. God i wish i could find clotted cream in the states.... delicious

  28. If you have a wegmans, I’m very jealous and please enjoy it for me. It’s been six years and I still miss it so much

  29. Maybe a SAHM just wants to you know take care of their children, not be on social media all the time ( looking at you Bethy) and can live off of one income.

  30. Candles have to be one of the easiest freaking things to swap out. Just stop buying cheap paraffin wax candles from the crying aisle at Slobby Knobby.

  31. Seriously! You can always buy beeswax candles that are unscented or even scented if you find someone who does them low-tox.

  32. I’m not hating on the headband, some people can pull them off and look amazing! I just feel like she tries to hard and it doesn’t look good on her.

  33. Perhaps if she listened to medical professionals or gasp used those ovulation tests/trackers she's oddly against she'd have more luck in that department.

  34. Seriously. I used an ovulation tracker when we were trying to conceive and I got pregnant within months of doing that. Not sure why she’s so against things that would help her actually get pregnant.

  35. How about no no and some more no to go with that.. seriously what is she wearing? 🤦🏼‍♀️

  36. This. While not Mennonite or Amish my maternal grandma was a farmers wife and cooked delicious food. One of the family favorites were her canned green beans cooked with bacon until they were basically what collard greens are. So delicious.

  37. My paternal grandmother grew up on a farm down south and let me tell you her food is amazing! I always loved going over there to eat.

  38. Right?! Mennonite baked goods are the ultimate comfort food for me.

  39. Yesssssssss! There is a Mennonite grocery store / bakery that’s like 40 minutes from my house and I totally go out of my way to go there at least once a month. Their baked goods are so delicious!

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