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  1. If you think about it, a significant portion of the active JP and KR player base, whom Global is merging with, probably also pre-registered for this. That's on top of the Global players who have been doing so for the last month already. 500K was, realistically, pretty easily obtainable.

  2. Gotta love Bandai and Square Enix. Half of their games just IP churns that get EOSd after the grab.

  3. All three. It's a first run for KR/JP, but ends up meaning a super early rerun for Global.

  4. I just ordered it and can only get 100hz on Alienware aw3243dwf 165hz monitor. In your Amazon link in the Q&A section Lention said it only supports 60hz? Very confused.

  5. To touch on the FAQ questions first:

  6. I am not sure what I am doing wrong in that case. I am using the displayport cable that came with monitor. Its 3440x1440 res, I also used a mini-dp cable directly from laptop I can get full 165hz and the native res, but when I go through this dock stuck at 100hz with regular the included regular displayport cable.

  7. Have you troubleshooted by trying both laptop USB-C ports, as well as both dock DP ports? I would also potentially reinstall the latest DisplayLink drivers.

  8. Perpetual testing it seems. Been in playable beta for 15 months already lol.

  9. Global version got silently gutted and the handle released after converting the account lol. Boltrend things I guess.

  10. "The practice of “review bombing,” waging malicious campaigns with the intent to lower the rating of a game, has been a longstanding problem online."

  11. Would be extremely easy for them to see which accounts do or don't have a current/former ban. Those that have been hit are warranted in their review.

  12. For a 2023 triple A PC games 16gb is absolutely baseline needed in a PC. And sure that can mean minimum.

  13. No it was not, that's why Archeland may never make it as well.

  14. Said the comment left in the official Global version subreddit.

  15. Leaving this singular submission up, but for future reference OP: Please submit trailers via link posts and use official sources. Not doing so requires the use of the [PROMO] flair in the post title in order for a submission to be approved.

  16. "Link Post" just refers to the Link submission type on the Create Post page!

  17. Queen Yuna with the top-tier taste in song choice, as I would expect. Forever Young and Stay are peak old-BP.

  18. Thank you, I am going to let our team know. Really sorry about the inconvenience!

  19. Now that the Holiday's are over and regular work has resumed, bumping this to say that the issue is still ongoing (and annoying). Hopefully this can been seen and addressed quickly. Would be great to at least get an update on where things are at.

  20. Itʼs interesting that mods had not set up a live chat thread for this which I think is better, as iʼve suggested before, but anyways, these ESG talk, iʼll pass until we finally go to the concert proper by 1PM KST.

  21. Was asked about in the Discord earlier, and it was determined they wouldn't host a live chat because lack of mods online & available at this time (plus more difficult to moderate).

  22. No time like the present to make an attempt at replenishing what they're losing lol

  23. They've basically been with TBL the whole time so I don't see much changing if true. But who knows. Maybe things will be different in 2023 no matter where they're at. Hopefully better!

  24. More like TBL has just been YG 2.0 this whole time, but agree that it's unlikely to assume anything significant will change until actions prove otherwise. In theory it should mean more artistic freedom and less complete control by YG, but their track record with Somi hasn't been great and backs up having historically similar management to YG main branch.

  25. Somi knew what she was doing when she signed with TBL she gets to live at home and has more control over her career than most idols. If Somi wanted 2-3 comebacks a year she would have stayed with JYP there is no way she signed with TBL expecting that

  26. I don't know if she had the expectation of no music for 14 months+ either (being the public, we obv can't say), but definitely true re: more control/JYP requiring the pushing of significant quantity in comparison. It's probably somewhere in the middle, so I hope for her next release soon.

  27. This is honestly what has made the most sense to me since contract speculation began, so not surprised to see it possibly happening. THE BLACK LABEL is still an extension of YG, so will continue to offer artists Big 3-level resources, but paired with more creative freedom and less complete control being exerted by YG re: management since they don't own a majority of shares.

  28. Who’s the majority shareholder of TBL?

  29. Teddy as an individual is the majority shareholder, with YG still owning 30%.

  30. Unsurprising that BBC would leak text and audio conversations to try and paint Chuu in a negative light. Also not surprising that drama-farm Dispatch would run with it. Still 100% back Chuu, and there's no way she can be called a villain here. A few text messages written in a more serious/less respectful manner than usual does not equal abuse of power.

  31. Paradise and Cha Cha were INSANE, so very much looking to more music from them!

  32. Giveaway has ended, thanks everyone for participating! Most members should have already received a ModMail (PM) with their Unite Licenses, but some Urshifu codes are still going out.

  33. im curious what kind of deal have been made to make this happen. Surely it can't just be a one-sided deal right?

  34. Yours seems like a genuine question (though we will inevitably also get the same cynical comments every single time), so I'm happy to reiterate what was said before when we did a similar collaboration. The Moderation team does not accept payment or kickbacks in any way for collaborations, events, or rewards we might host or offer, nor do we make or remove posts or comments at the request of anyone. The subreddit is still dedicated to being a neutral third-party for news and discussion, we are just experimenting with getting in contact and working alongside companies to offer more for the community.

  35. And that's how it should be. Thanks for being transparent, guys!

  36. Of course! Anecdotally, I think it's great we can offer this kind of thing without anything changing hands. Companies are willing to work with us because we offer additional visibility to a hyper-dedicated audience, and the members get free rewards and events out of it in return. We also think there's a side benefit to making more development teams aware of this community, because it increases the chances of posts made here regarding their games to be seen or heard.

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