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  1. For general use like that, I’d suggest splitting it into 4 raidz3s with 6 disks each. You’d great redundancy, and a bit of extra performance with 4 vdevs.

  2. Back when I was younger and more naive about zfs dedupe, I was told by Sun engineers that once dedupe has been enabled you can never remove it even if it’s disabled on all datasets/pools/zvols. You must destroy and recreate from scratch to fully disable the dedupe table.

  3. MIDI audio is pretty much no longer used outside of music production nowadays, so just saying 'they're MIDI files' doesn't really tell the younger generation anything. They're as 'ancient long lost technology' as tape drives and BBS.

  4. A shoutout to for lots of midi goodness

  5. I like this more than the usual setup. More accurate!

  6. I feel strictly technical questions aren’t that valuable for testing experience. Lots of that is just book smarts, or just if you happen to have had the same niche issue.

  7. Both the N64 and NES generations are like "first generations" of "modern" (that is, post-Atari home console game design) 2D and 3D games, respectively. They're pioneers of those formats, doing an excellent job for their time, but they don't hold up as well after the later generations took what they started and refined them so completely.

  8. Ship of Harkinian rebuild of OOT is simply superb.

  9. Only one nitpick….the NASA worm was never on the right wing. Until her last retrofit, Columbia had just “USA” on her right wing, and all other shuttles had the US flag and the shuttle name under it. At her last retrofit, Columbia also gained the meatball on her left and flag+name on her right.

  10. The focus of the post wasn’t really the shuttle as that’s a different mod, I kinda just threw together a craft file. But I’ll keep this in mind for my career save!

  11. The tank is like perfect, nothing to nitpick 🤣

  12. You probably need to do this:

  13. Johnson! That looks like a huge

  14. Yes. Especially since ssh keys exist for this exact purpose.

  15. The high pitched whine of the CRT TV being left on

  16. Holy shit. This hit as hard as when Colin McRae died.

  17. Is that a real camera and not computah bokeh? Nice!

  18. And Samuel L Jackson robing the fast food place and getting a beating from Eddie Murphy with a broomstick.

  19. Samuel L Jackson in Jurassic Park was always the most jarring for me

  20. I don't believe any OS has cared about PCIe placement. The most I've seen is motherboards requiring the GPU to be in a specific location but that's it. You should be good to go

  21. Your OS probably doesn’t care, but if you’re trying to pass through cards via IOMMU, or picky about performance, you may want to pay attention to which slots share interrupts with which onboard devices/other slots, and which slots actually have x16 vs just having an x16 slot with only x4 lanes (or some other reduced number). Those are all motherboard specific hardware issues though, not an OS issue.

  22. Try SecurityOnion? Doesn’t have Netflow enabled out of the box but step by step instructions are in the official documentation. Free and works decently, if not quite as pretty as ntopng.

  23. Also applies to research. Sometimes, you gotta use an instrument and there's only like, five in the whole world.

  24. if you're on a local network, there's not much faster than:

  25. Forgive me because I'm entirely new to tar, but I'd run the first command on the source then after the fact I'd go run the 2nd command on the target, in that sequence?

  26. other way around, run it on the target first so it's listening, then start the source

  27. Cat6 cabling everywhere. Multiple to each room.

  28. I see no difference in security between HTTPS and VPN

  29. I hope you’re not serious

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