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  1. I started with order of the Phoenix

  2. Why are manuela and Hanneman in the worst case scenario they are some of my most wanted characters and would prefer them to someone like Felix Ashe or Sylvain

  3. I am actually a day 1 player and, believe it or not, this is my peak. This is my single longest running project in my entire time playing FEH. I got Celica the day this version came out, and ever since she has been a staple in my teams.

  4. Hardy bearing on legendary Celica is bad because it disables the follow up before foe can counterattack effect from soul of Zofia

  5. Give her triangle adept in her A slot atk/res far trace in B slot and atk/res hold in her C slot

  6. If I go to your house and misuse a perfectly safe product and severely injure myself, is that your fault then. I can sue you?

  7. Hot coffee is not a safe product so that is a good comparison

  8. Flayn Elimine and any other unit with drive damage reduction

  9. Pipes are better and I stand behind this argument. Nintendo's shitty ruby shop is objectively inferior. I usually don't defend gacha mechanics but when the replacement is SHITTIER than what was there originally...

  10. You probably never spend hundred of rubies on a pipe without getting what you want

  11. Why do you have edelgard in your flair if you hate edelgard

  12. If you only started 10 days ago it was already bad at that point

  13. Give her a free ascended trait +atk would be the best trait to give her

  14. Only 3 and 4 star units not even a 4 star special rate unit

  15. funny how the limited meta unit has least votes.

  16. How do you know many votes they have

  17. So? Your point is that the "average player" gets more value from pulling limited units. But people do not vote AHR for the "average player", they vote for themselves, for what they want most.

  18. Voting for what you self want instead of voting what the average player wants is the most egotistical thing to do

  19. This… is honestly infuriating. Severa has fallen AGAIN. CYL 5 made me hopeful, she was inches away from Top 20, but she somehow has EVEN LESS votes than last year! No, seriously, she bled a third of her voter base! To where?!?!?! If she had all the votes from CYL1, she’d be in 14th place! That’s TOTAL, mind you, it would be eighth in Women’s Division! Top TEN.

  20. I think she got less votes last year because of getting a spring alt and I think that she got even less votes this year is because Selena got a backpack with harmonic winter Cordelia a short time before voting started

  21. What is the scientific/ biological fact your talking about

  22. If you recruit everyone in your class they will follow you on crimson flower only flayn will leave you

  23. From the wording of her weapon it seems like Chloe’s weapon grants a visible stat buff like life and death or still water instead of the stats being given to her during combat

  24. So what am I supposed to talk about if I am not allowed to talk about Harry Potter

  25. I just came back to the game a month ago and am out of the loop, why are people saying that IS doesn't like A!Tiki? Did something happen with her for the last CYL?

  26. Search up brave adult tiki controversy

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