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  1. Can I have a price on plasma vaporeon, plasma Glaceon, radiant collection eeevee and unseen forces Jolteon?

  2. Hard Agree. PLA wasn't bad per se, but it's not the ground-breaking behemoth the community likes to put on a pedestal.

  3. For me personally I don’t see it as a ground breaking behemoth but as a refreshing and challenging Pokémon game experience.

  4. Did you know that people have opinions and that they don't have a hive mind?

  5. yes and my opinion is that legends arceus is a great game and I would love to see a sequel for it

  6. Are you willing to do small anounts? I’m interested in the Silvally gx

  7. If you cannot pass the 10b final there is no shot you get through the other classes while understanding the content

  8. Can I see closeups of the dragonite promo? Am curious to see how damaged it is.

  9. Hey - what are you basing the prices off of? Looking at eBay recent sold these seem a bit high.

  10. If you sort by lowest to highest w/ shipping on current eBay listings, the cheapest cards available for each is my listing, so I'm giving you 20% the cheapest price available

  11. From my perspective, here is an example of better conditions that are cheaper for two of the cards:

  12. thanks - would you be willing to do $5 PWE for the three cards?

  13. Hmm im a little bit firm on the $6 since i dont get too much from shipping and paypal fees.

  14. Ah makes sense, I forgot g&s fees exist.

  15. Hello! Am interested in several cards. May I get prices/conditions on:

  16. Thank you for pricing things out, can you do 22 bmwt for the cards listed out?

  17. Hey, what is the condition of eevee rc14?

  18. surely thresh/jinx will work if played an 8th time

  19. Hey, what’s the condition of the jp snorlax and eevee gx card?

  20. Hey, for sales are you friends and family or g&s?

  21. I’m definitely interested - may I see a picture of the back?

  22. Looks good, I'll take it. Will send a DM your way now.

  23. Ah nice this promo card is going to be everywhere in English, it paid off to hold off on buying a jp/Chinese version of the card

  24. hey I'm a little confused by this, looking at the market price for all the cards on TCG Player/ebay for the one jp card:

  25. I did 2 bucks a card average and 6 for shipping. I did not look up the value of all 17 cards. I would do 30 shipped for all of them.

  26. That works for me, I will send you a dm.

  27. Hello, what is the condition/price of the dark explorers umbreon, espon, jolteon, vaporeon?

  28. Hey, they are all NM (pack fresh from a DE Booster box I opened about 10 years ago).

  29. Thanks for providing info! After thinking about it I’m only interested in jolteon for rn. Looking at tcgplayer prices, can you do $3.50 PWE?

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