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  1. Oh my god, they actually made a new piece for the Shards of Narsil.

  2. So this is intentionally Silver and Sans merged together

  3. Only if it will be flags from 18th century. Can't wait to conquer Sea of Thieves for Russian Empire

  4. I'd like to point out that this kraken is on both sides of the island

  5. I would like to see some sort of Great Inagua island from Assassin's Creed 4. It would be awesome

  6. Well I don’t want to take over Kris’s body so- Yes! I would love to! Though I would definitely like to grow the hair out!

  7. Im made one similar but yours is tons better, amazing work ^ _^

  8. Fanfic writers be like: science has no limits, we make sheets of carbon harder to break than steel with the same shit we have on pencils. If there’s a way, there’s a way

  9. They straight up just kill and then serenade you

  10. Well, seems like after 2 years of play I finally worthy of "Death Defier" title

  11. When the hell did Josuke do that? Most of his enemies literally became his friends except Kira and Angelo, and only Angelo actually suffered his fate directly because of Josuke.

  12. Lol, and I saw the same one this morning, but it was about David Productions releasing JoJolion

  13. Thanks for introducing me to the song. It’s perfect. It’s the first time I’m laugh-crying at something from the internet.

  14. I’m just so fucking tired of this microtransaction bullshit…

  15. Sea of Thieves is little different situation. Only free season pass is time limited (except season 1 Pirate Legend Curse, that became unlockable trough new faction), stuff from Plunder Pass will eventually appear in Emporium after some time. I usually use SoT as an example of good microtransaction system, even if I don't like microtransactions in total.

  16. Rouxls does have THE WORLD as his stand, he just doesn't understand his accent.

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