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  1. Tell us something about the next support hero...plz🥺

  2. Hanzos route was too short smh he didnt even show me his dragon

  3. I just changed my flair and was looking for Kiriko.

  4. No love for Kiriko mains. Moderator probably hates suzu :/

  5. I think you can migrate in game using 1 BE to any SEA server.

  6. It's intended, I'm not sure how you never knew this

  7. Who knows.They said everything about his ultimate is random.

  8. I linked two league account which was in same garena account (one in SG and other in Vietnam)

  9. I heard they are making a new server for the whole region replacing Garena

  10. It's not one single server for the entire SEA region because of ping differences. Riot established these servers to cover the region:

  11. I am thinking of migrating to Vietnam.I live in India.Should I?

  12. Yes that's why.I play In EUNE so I wanted to transfer my account to sea server

  13. Wait Philippines is competitive??? Well I am silver so I guess I don't know much

  14. I am talking about playerbase. Don't know about competitive

  15. even tried to change it in config, it just doesnt work. bummer :(

  16. It didnt work for me before. But since u verified that it works, i reinstalled my league and now it worked this time, thnx for help ^^

  17. It only works for opening directly.Goes to default language if opened from Riot client tho😔

  18. Yeah. I feel ya. The translation is confusing and terrible even a native speaker. I wish there is some way to switch back to English.

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