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  1. I once found a garlic necklace in the customer bathroom on the mirror, yesterday I found a full pint of melted ice cream in our window… customers are so weird

  2. Honestly most managers aren’t at their stores all the time, I’d just tell them “I drink the water or I faint” like wtf

  3. Absolutely everything in the eyes of SM & DM

  4. Seriously, we just had to sign some stupid unofficial paperwork saying we promise not to play our own music. We’re in a Hispanic neighborhood btw .

  5. 7. The barista making drinks has NO idea about your random cake pop or your warm blueberry scone.the oven is usually on the opposite side of the bar. Don’t ask the barista making drinks about your food, either go back to the register or give the barista on warming like 2 more seconds .

  6. Unless you blew that hair out and wrapped those curls individually that is NOT 4c hair y’all play too much

  7. They don’t really deal with coarse hair like this tbh he wouldn’t find that much help there

  8. I was raised by my grandparents and they are southern American also so it’s normal to me, although there are contexts where it can be offensive or demeaning. Most people really are trying to be polite though

  9. Honestly you have beautiful thick hair, a tight plait on the root would have these looking just as neat , the rubber bands aren’t necessary and tbh they look tight

  10. Definitely smoked like a chimney through the flu , I lived to tell it and so will you bud

  11. I made iced coffee with a shot of espresso and cold water. Didn't even put the ice in it.

  12. 😐 how long are you gonna let your latte sit there that it grows a culture, like be serious

  13. learn too roll joints packing cones causes this kind of burn because of the layered packing method required.

  14. well ts isn’t going to magically fix itself

  15. I've just never seen them and it was by itself out of a serving from a big pot

  16. Hey friend it’s okay ! I thought it was funny, sometimes people also put them in rice, you might find one in chipotle food if you’ve ever had it also. Welcome to being a grown up lol

  17. How much u pay for the cornrows? I paid 70 in NJ and feel like I got finessed

  18. Hey guys, so I have fine, type 4 hair and I got my hair professionally pressed only 2 days stylist said it’s probably just the fact I have fine non heat trained hair but at this point it just looks like a blow out and I even went through the sections with my own flat iron. At this point I just plan on keeping my curly hair and never trying this again. Any advice or thoughts?

  19. I have fine 4a hair as well , I don’t bother! Or I go for a fluffy wand curl moment

  20. My friend you are just a pale person, I don’t think a particular color will warm you up , but I would say the keep it dark. If you’re insecure about appearing uneven I would invest in some bronzer and apply it lightly to give your face some warm shades

  21. Okay that helps a lot!!! I have pretty much worn every color of weave as well, including pink and definitely have remained pale 🤣🤣🤣 I’m thinking then that I’ll try an Ombre that has dark brown or black for the braids. Now for bronzer, what kind do you recommend? I have combination skin, but it doesn’t get oily as much as dry, so maybe a cream one if you know any? Thank you so much too!!

  22. Had a customer with this same 2/3 decaf issue and they’re always annoying about it. I said the machine isn’t working properly so we can do 1/2 decaf, reg blonde shots, or complete decaf shots. Otherwise they can order something else or go somewhere else.

  23. Couldn't you drink 1/3 of the shot while maintaining full eye contact and just completely anger them enough to make them walk out? Or are Starbucks customers just THAT pedantic?

  24. I actually did visually intimidate a customer once, he literally picked up his drink and immediately dropped it all over all the other drinks at the mobile handoff. I couldn’t hide my reaction at all and he ran away… like actually ran

  25. I use claw clips to style my two stand twists. I just twist them together and clip it and it gives a sleek look. I haven’t found a great way to style my twisted out hair as it’s thick & a little too short to twist up into a clip

  26. Okay I practice the clean girl aesthetic so looking sleek is important, I will take your advice! How long do you keep your twist in and do you do neat parting ?

  27. There are videos on it, but basically they put half their hair in a high puff. Then take the under half and use the clip to pin the hair up under the puff.

  28. You got that dense fluffy 3c/4a hair, very pretty and it’s not seen often!! Keep it moisturized

  29. I mobile at my store, and I’m a partner, sometimes I don’t wanna talk, I just wanna get my drink and go

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