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  1. Kanye West - On Sight He sampled it

  2. If you've listened to JPOP 日本語の森 made some videos breaking down Running into the Night (YOASOBI), Lemon (Kenshi Yonezu), and Pretender (Official Hige Dandism). They're explained in Japanese but there's subtitles. (

  3. Musescore 4 has made many improvements on Musescore 3 (especially in the playback department). Maybe give that a shot?


  5. It means after the audio is rendered/bounced out. There's also buffer plugins that can reverse material without the need for rendering, if you can't be bothered with that for whatever reason e.g prefer composing in MIDI etc

  6. This song has a lot of FX including alot of lo-fi FX

  7. its kind of cell shading but its like kind of....... cartoonish? I dunno how to explain it though

  8. Cell shading is cartoonish lol edit: I feel like this comment came out rude my bad, I think I know what you mean but I can’t figure it out either, it reminds me is some Genshin impact art and maybe even Adventure time

  9. I kind of found out what it is tho, its comic book/manga shading, where the effects arent "smoothed out" and give it a more rough look. It just is outlined really heavily

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