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  1. I only make them at home - 1 oz fresh pulled espresso, 2 oz of vodka, .5 Kahlua, .5 cinnamon vanilla Baileys.

  2. I prefer COURVOISIER in my coffee. And for the love of all things holy, can we please bring back French Roast coffee?

  3. Firstly don't give out second chances, if he threatened you once, get him barred for life. People that threaten violence unprovoked usually have a predictable pattern of behaviour. You do not get paid enough to deal with belligerent assholes.

  4. You could do IT Support Services for Hospitality Software if you're a bit tech-savvy.

  5. Let us retire to the conclave to discuss

  6. Your choices are rather inaccurate. You're listing Pale Ale and IPA together. This is like listing Pilsner and stout together. There is a huge difference between a light pale ale and IBUs you find in some IPAs.

  7. Not enough space on polls to list more than 6 different options so I've got to streamline them into their similar kinds because reddit has limited user interface.

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