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  1. i would say to search up the test route on youtube and practice the exact route before your test! tell ur self it’s gonna be okay and pretend your driving with your instructor not an examiner, you’ll be okay :)

  2. When I did my test, I was allowed to use it but i only slightly GLANCED at it once or twice (when doing reverse parking nothing else) my instructor said it’s okay, just don’t use it too much.

  3. Get the MAC colour correcting pallet. it has an orange shade on the bottom that is so good and creamy.

  4. No it smells like laundry, dryer sheets smell imo.

  5. It really just smells so great! I like quite a few of their scents, but Bubble Bath is the only one I've splurged on.

  6. TALK to him about his stinginess before committing!!! i’m sure this is what he’s used too.. if he likes you he’ll change his ways.

  7. “Vanilla chai” means you’re getting double syrup: vanilla and chai. That’s 8 pumps total in a grande; 12 in a venti. I’d get rid of the vanilla (there’s vanilla already in the sweet cream) or decrease the number of pumps.

  8. ooh i see, so if i want less of a sweeter flavour i can say 2 pumps of vanilla 6 of chai etc ?

  9. My holy grail. I will use this everyday. I love mixing it with drunk elephant dbronzi drops. Has a slight tint and is perfect for no makeup days. My dry skin loves it, makes my skin look so dewy, it’s a little intense at first but once it absorbs it’s lovely.

  10. it doesn’t have any actual coverage tho right? for example would it cover the redness on my face?

  11. Steakhouse in downtown markham!!! also has a nice bubble tea place and very cute environment

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