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  1. How do you like the rally armor mud flaps? Thinking of getting some for my mk8

  2. They are great. They look best by far the on the 8’s because the backends are more square

  3. Awesome, I agree! Where they easy to install?

  4. Your first rock chip on the unprotected hood or fender portion will have you regretting you didn’t go full front.

  5. Please do not decrease the effectiveness of your tail lights. They serve a vital purpose. Tinting them reduces their purpose (safety).

  6. That’s a lot. I hate ordering hats because fitment and sitting position is tough. I got a really cool VW hat at the dealer.

  7. Neither one is drivers car. You buy golf r if you wanna be fast red light to red light. If you wanna be fast on track you buy Ctr.

  8. Out of curiosity do you live somewhere where it gets freezing and you need to wear gloves for part of the year? I’ve been curious about how well the MK8 capacitive “buttons” work with gloves on.

  9. Yes and no. I live in MA, which definitely qualifies as freezing in the winter, but I don’t really ever wear gloves. They would probably be fine for the steering wheel buttons, but obviously wouldn’t work with the touch screen or four touch buttons below it. So that would be annoying.

  10. I could never lol can’t imagine how much they would charge. But It’s not a bad idea if you can afford it.

  11. It’s awesome having that layer of protection…especially your front end. I don’t understand when people buy a new car car they love … and don’t do it.

  12. Some People who get a GRC or a civic or a golf r … for 5-10 over believe they are getting a deal. At this point in time they might be.

  13. I wouldn’t say that. There are a lot of ex Evo/sti owners that went to the CTR rather than the R and paid a premium in markups. I’m pretty sure there will be many of those same people picking these up and there are 500hp GR Yaris’s out in the world on stock blocks. There aren’t going to be many GRC’s made and Toyota is well aware that it’s a niche car which is why it only comes with a stick. It’s almost a guarantee that a significant amount of them will find their way to gear heads that like to tinker and tune them one way or another. For every 10 Golf R’s you see on the road you might see one GRC. Ask yourself why someone would rather spend Golf R money on a GRC when the Golf R is the better car from factory. If the answer isn’t blatantly obvious then you’re in denial.

  14. The GRC is still in its infancy stage. The R has been around let’s see what tuners are able to do with it when it’s finally available. For the record, I have a deposit on one but probably not going to get my hands on one in the first year. I have an Evo X that I’ll gladly keep if it turns out that the GRC ain’t what it’s hyped up to be.

  15. I mean you can see it plain as day on the Amazon listing, so… it’s literally part of the design. You wouldn’t be able lay it flat on the floor without the crease

  16. Talking about the top right corner of the mat? Not a crease, just part of the footwell contour

  17. Only store ive seen is USP. I've read shop dap is trying to source them too.

  18. I saw some photos of the clear ones on the forums and it looks nice.. but for me a bit too "2000s eBay lights" vibe haha.

  19. Yeah it does have a vibe like that. I’d very lightly smoke them though … I’d like to see that on white.

  20. Corolla is still cool because it's $9k less, it's a Toyota, and it doesn't have a disastrous infotainment and steering wheel controls.

  21. That interior on the Corolla looks like it costs 15 grand less. Rides like a 2010 wrx. Sounds fun

  22. Tinting taillights is stupid. What's next in the dumb mod scene, tinting headlights?

  23. Type Rs aren't for straight line racing. What a dumb comment to make.

  24. Do they? I just watched a throttle house video yesterday with the golf r, type r comparison, Thomas said the Golf R was the best overall and is the car he would buy.

  25. Oh yeah…throttle house have repeatedly stated it’s much better than mk7’s and that it is their hatch of choice….which contradicts the title.

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