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  1. Jimmy did it twice, he legit changed his name by deed poll

  2. From memory I believe he backed out in the end.

  3. I've heard Fairuza Balk like a game on her days off.

  4. A lot of guys used to play Pocket Billiards while watching her films.

  5. Well he did get Vinces sloppy seconds though. Can't really say that that's a win

  6. Ace-he hired most of the women in the 2000's from bikini/fitness & porn mags.

  7. Would be a very small book-do you only read Mr Men? It is the correct & fair opinion, backed up by facts.

  8. Six points is not even half a page. Like your illiterate hero Ronnie you need to improve your reading & writing skills.

  9. Virgo’s voice is second to none in my opinion. I’m very glad he’s staying. Plenty of opportunity to rotate, doesn’t have to be there every match.

  10. More a problem the BBC has set-punishing him & others for social media comments they deem political. Yet their political staff are on television every week & so biased to the Tories-Kuenssberg, Bruce etc it is a joke & has been for years.

  11. The death of Paul O'Grady-nation has gone into mourning again.

  12. Yes, players used to smoke like chimneys at the tables, along with drinking booze. Snooker was overwhelmingly sponsored by Tobacco companies until the early 2000's-when there was a ban on cigarettes being advertised. F1 & the Snooker WC both got special extensions. Smoking in enclosed spaces was made illegal in 2007.

  13. Yes, I also heard players were also asked to smoke the sponsored brands instead of their choice.

  14. Snooker players & athletes in many other sports like Cricket & F1 got large amounts of free cigarettes from the Tobacco companies that sponsored them. I believe every player-regardless of whether they smoked or not, got 400-500 freebie cigarettes per month from the sponsors.

  15. The stories on him were funny & sad at the same time. But no idea who the editor of that book was, because the writing style & spelling/error checking was abysmal.

  16. Jimmy White-Second Wind is the best Steve Davis-Interesting was not quite as good, as it isn't as salacious, but a great read

  17. That's not an easy draw! Stevens had 17 half-centuries in their semi.

  18. Up until the semis-Perry beat Swail in R1 & Hamilton beat Williams in R2, so it meant Ebdon got to the one table setup without facing a top 16 player.

  19. Oh my god. Just had a look. You can only beat what you're up against but you're right, that is dreadful up until the semis.

  20. Certainly not dreadful-Hamilton was 19 & Perry 27 in the rankings & Hamilton had beaten two top 16 players Harold & Williams in the first two rounds. But clearly an easier draw than others had. Hendry actually had an easier first two rounds than Ebdon, but had to play Ken in the last eight.

  21. Mark Henry as well. Vince said he was going to make Show bigger than Andre, then jobbed him out to Austin a month or less in & sent him to OVW on a million a year. Same with Henry.

  22. Because Big Show came in with a shitty attitude and got out of shape quick.

  23. Dude, he was out of shape in WCW by mid 1997 & was humongous by the time he left in early 1999.

  24. I know how they work & the only existence of them in Snooker is in the minds of fans & western players/pundits/media-who want to make excuses for players greed.

  25. There should be nothing banned from being asked at the meetings. While WST calls the shots, they cannot be behaving like some King & declaring people cannot ask fair & legitimate questions at meetings deciding the future of the sport. The only thing that should not be up for discussion is the ongoing match fixing events, as that is a legal matter that cannot be prejudiced by those running the game.

  26. I agree. I also think...they don't get paid enough for match fixing not to be a thing. The tour should have less people on it and pay more. If your a tour need to be getting more than 20k a year.

  27. If you are a pro then you need to start playing like one & win enough to make a decent living. O'Connor has gone from 30 something grand last season to over 100 grand this season & we still have a way to go yet. Step up & you get the big bucks.

  28. But there isn't enough big bucks to go round. So the point stands.

  29. Why would you get big bucks for not winning matches? Last year most of the guys in the fifties were making 40 grand plus before sponsorships/endorsements etc-so this notion that nearly all the tour are starving is nonsense.

  30. Because his consistency trumps the big boys ranking performances this season.

  31. You have to wonder if it’s actually brainwashing for women like this, or if they are just bad people who found other bad people.

  32. There is no such thing as brainwashing-you have to believe in something to start with. The kids they drag with them/give birth to in these places then just grow up with it so see it as normal.

  33. Holy hell what is wrong with this lady!!! I’m watching it right now and I had to come to Reddit to get my anger out. Is she just that brainwashed? Edit: She is brainwashed but that’s not an excuse. She’s a sick person and that’s facts.

  34. There are still people from the Heaven's Gate mass suicide who didn't kill themselves that promote Applewhite's nonsense. There are still Jonestown survivors who worship Jones.

  35. Regardless how you look at the situation, it's clear that Snooker is facing a number of back-to-back issues that are slowly dragging the sport down and it's not nice to see.

  36. The UK was amazing, HK was fantastic, Mark Allen has been brilliant in most big events etc.

  37. That's correct, Mark Allen, pretty much the only name that comes up when people take about this season. At the same time we have Judd Trump losing to Jimmy White.

  38. Not the only one-Day, O'Connor, Ford etc have played great stuff. I think most people are upset because the big guns generally haven't really fired at the ranking events, or won them-ROS, Robbo, Higgins, Selby & Trump & it has been a good season for underdogs.

  39. On the contrary, old clips are fascinating.

  40. all feels a bit strange. Why are they cramming the quarters, semis and final all in 1 day? Best of 7 up until the Semi's. Absolute garbage.

  41. Because they have a proper event starting on Monday on ITV.

  42. You've lost me pal, that's just some wrestler talking rubbish (and doing a great job).

  43. Tom Ford looks like Nikke Knatterton

  44. Someone somewhere said that Jack Lisowski looks like a First-World War soldier, and I can't really explain why, but I tend to agree.

  45. He reminds me a bit of the guy from Air.

  46. I’m worryingly waiting for an even bigger name in snooker to be suspended.

  47. Snooker survived the Higgins & Lee scandals.

  48. very very difficult choice! the competition in snooker has grown from what it was 10-20 years ago. everyone seems to play pretty much the same. no one is required to play "non-classical snooker". but really want to see a unique game

  49. I would say it has mostly deteriorated outside the top 16. You have a load of guys who can break build like crazy, but cannot hold their nerve to make the small breaks that matter & have no tactical aptitude-hence why the guys dominating are overwhelmingly from the 1990's & a one off talent like Trump & a guy who has torn his game apart & remodeled it become a winning machine like Allen. He could care less if his average shot time is around 30 seconds, because unlike Lisowski etc he knows it is a marathon & not a sprint.

  50. Xu Si, Si Jiahui, Pang Junxu, Jackson Page, Stan Moody, Joe O’Connor and Julien Leclercq have bright futures.

  51. White? Guy has been around since the 2000's & has two ranking titles. Had his day in the sun, years back. A lot of talent, but zero consistency.

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