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  1. Just imagine, there is factory or factories somewhere in China making these knives in thousands or even more….

  2. Looks like new Czech president, Petr Pavel

  3. I wish everyone commenting kill the cameraman a very shut up you heartless piece of trash

  4. It is saddening to see so many kill the cameraman comments…

  5. I wouldn't be surprised if some people survived. There have been report of wounded people

  6. I am just quoting news outlet, there is another article from AFP about survivors. Perhaps, it is pointless to read them now and need to wait till dust settles.

  7. Built-in flamethrower would be nice, huh?

  8. I believe it happened today, 15 January

  9. You are correct, it was still 14 January where I live and I forgot about time zones for a hot sec

  10. Diversity. Multiple banks, multiple brokers, multiple assets groups

  11. True, but too many will make things confusing. Is there a way to get both diversity and unity?

  12. Yes, there is way - your personal tolerance. There is no universal rule (except “don’t put all eggs in one basket”). It is up to you to find balance between risk and confusion. Also, there are plenty of assets tracking tools to reduce hassle

  13. I am not protecting anyone here, but want to highlight one thing - what you see is GROSS profit margin, it is before their expenses, such as salaries, office rent, taxes, etc. One can only assume what their expenses are, but I doubt that they profit whole difference between Chinese OEM and retail price.


  15. It seems like they been in storage in Johannesburg since 2019, probably some complicated scheme to avoid sanctions and get Iran some newer aircrafts.

  16. I know it is hard as businesses owner, but delegate-delegate-delegate. Start from small mundane day-to-day tasks, and move up with more complex tasks. Will they make mistakes? Yes. Will they fuck up thing? Yes. But you will find that it is faster to fix their mistakes then do it yourself.

  17. From a subordinate point of view, the worst boss is the one who still gets nitpicky about details or is a micro manager. It‘s ineffective and annoying.

  18. Yes. If you never let them do it themselves how do expect them to learn?

  19. Been there done that. When I met my future wife, she wasn’t FAT, but her income and savings were X times higher of mine. She lived fancy life at that time (3000$ glasses, 5000$ bags, etc).

  20. Nothing high speed taxi can’t solve 🙂

  21. That lead at the end is not oddly satisfying

  22. This is from USSR influence back in the days. Most of ex-USSR countries has/had this in schools. It was called “Initial military preparations”.

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