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Not been able to wear shades for 3 years since losing my nose. Reconstructions almost done so I celebrated with a new pair. Shoutout all you bald kings and queens

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  1. I worked with the public for a bit and I faced that problem with a specific customer because they presented such a feminine appearance that my brain often did not compute… But with time and mindful speech, I figured it out.

  2. What are you on about even… she didn’t lie, she was in an abusive relationship that ended up shaping her behaviour, and she would like to change that. Why would you attack her like that…

  3. You'll have to speak to the Princess about that

  4. I mean, I literally dissociated for most of my childhood, so I guess I wasn't "in my body"???

  5. Taking out of body experience to a new level. Ha, I gained a superpower.

  6. Hey mine does too! My kids crack up when they see it on laundry day:)

  7. as an adult who had skin cancer, much better to discover it early and treat it before it has spread deep. I needed a 4 hour mohs surgery and 2 reconstructions for a spot that I had noticed 6-9 months before. Don't be a negligent parent!

  8. "I would love it to be gone" and what, you think you're gonna do that by wishing on a star??? If you get it looked at and it's malignant, they're almost certainly gonna remove it.

  9. No, silence is not what is “causing this to continue”, the parents are what causing this to continue. They’re in a position of authority, please be mindful that you’re (inadvertently I’m sure) victim-blaming.

  10. She afraid her kid might have treatable skin cancer. The treatment is the scariest part to her. Fucking crunchy anti-vax essential oils moms.

  11. This was my reasoning and it made me irrationally angry… like wtf!!!

  12. It’s actually really bad to keep them as pets, but a sugar glider flying to me would make me extra happy every day.

  13. Fire? Pffs so primative.

  14. I don’t like to brag but my phone charger can heat an olympic pool…

  15. It will never be like the old time sweetie. Never. My husband is waiting for his trial, and for three years I was a staunch believer in the “I can fix this” theory. I was not able to, and no one on this sub will tell you otherwise. Take this opportunity to erase this person from your life.

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