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  1. LOLOL you made me laugh. I did not realize where I am I guess, is there a better subreddit to post the question?

  2. You would probably have to call corporate directly, and even then they'll probably be pretty vague about it

  3. What conflicting information? Both of you posted articles stating that there were only 4 ballots from dead people..

  4. Starbucks made enough profit last year that they could have paid every single individual employee an extra 50k and still have profited 14 billion. Their prices have nothing to do with how expensive it is to make

  5. Januaryish 2022 and then one from October 2022. My friend claims they're available year round & I can order one now if I just ask though, which feels like a lie because I'm assuming the pistachio-related ingredients are needed.

  6. You are correct that it is not available. It uses a pistachio sauce that even baristas won't if it's coming back until mid-late December

  7. The worker recommended it to me but I’m stupid and this label is confusing me

  8. If you show the barista at register this photo of the sticker, they can make it for you even if you don't remember the proper name of the drink

  9. On of the non-economic proposals has a line that specifies that SMs will not be barred from that. I don't think the summary of that proposal mentions it, but it is there in the long form language

  10. Im sorry but all i can focus on is how gross your sink is. Cover it in restroom cleaner, let it sit for 5 min, then scrub. Youll thank me.

  11. Don't worry, we had a clean play tonight, you can see your reflection in it now

  12. My question would be why they decided to hop on to a bubble trend that has literally nothing to do with their buisness model

  13. NEVER accept a secret menu order by its name, unless it’s like the cotton candy because it used to be on the menu. Anything else you need to tell the customer to give you a recipe. It’s the only way anyone is going to have a consistent experience.

  14. The problem with accepting the cotton candy one is that it having been on the menu doesn't mean that partners know how to make it. We have 26 partners at our store, but only 4 were working for Starbucks when that was a drink, so the roughly 40 percent of the time they aren't working, we have zero people on staff who know the recipe

  15. I'm like actively having a bit of a mental breakdown right now, I'm starting to think about doing the same

  16. I could write an essay as an answer but I’ll try to keep it short:

  17. Union dues are a percentage of the paycheck, not a flat rate. Benefits stay where they are until a contract is ratified, and no one would ratify a contract with fewer benefits. It's not random partners versus Seattle lawyers, the Workers United has lawyers working with the negotiators, and the lawyers for corporate are contractors from Litter Mendelssohn who have no idea what they're doing. The stuff you said about sharing shifts and borrowing partners is complete nonsense, partners have already been borrowed to and from union stores, and have swapped shifts. ASMs are included in the unions, and the unions have no intention of banning SMs from helping on the floor.

  18. The British claiming they are good at spotting German planes at night because eating carrots gave their pilots night vision. Not because they had radar

  19. I would like to emphasize the British claiming carrots improved night vision, because not only did it hide the invention of radar, but it also encouraged the general public of Britain to eat more carrots, a crop that could be grown rapidly on the British Isles, instead of relying on foreign grown food that was becoming harder to get due to blockading

  20. How many chais have you had to drink as a result of this test?

  21. As someone living in Europe, can someone ELI5 what is witholding people from unionizing? Is there a minimum number of people that need to join?

  22. There are officially federal laws protecting unionizing workers, but they are what's known as civil cases (as opposed to criminal cases). This means that if a corporation breaks one of those laws, it's up to that worker to hire a lawyer and gather and present evidence, which is hard to do if you're recently unemployed. Additionally, the "punishment" for a corporation is usually backpay a strongly worded statement telling them not to do it again, so there's not much of an incentive for companies to follow the rules

  23. We are on the way. I believe that over 100 have successfully unionized in the last 6 months.

  24. It's hard to keep track, since there are multiple votes per day happening at this point, but I do know for sue that as of this past Wednesday, at least 102 stores have voted yes

  25. Would love to hear from partners currently in a unionized store honestly.

  26. Partner from a store that is unionizing here. Until a contract is finalized, we are still legally required to have the benefits that all non-union partners have, as we are not "union partners" until then

  27. I bet 50% of those mobile orders didn't show up for at least an hour and then complained when their food/drink was cold

  28. This was in my district, apparently those were left over after rush because a lot of people just left without their drinks because of the wait time

  29. This exact situation was mentioned in the weekly update announcing them, something about SMs special ordering them and marking for store use or something I've already forgotten.

  30. They are supposed to be up on coffee gear on may 27th, and can be purchased by SMs and SSVs using the p-card.

  31. So Starbucks has this, like, employee only social media site, and last week corporate made a post excitedly stating that we had a 19% increase in profit last quarter. The post was deleted in less than a day, because everyone responded with some variation of "cool, can't wait for my 19% raise"

  32. Lots of Republicans started voting for a Democratic governors. Kinda blurred the lines a bit. This last election was really weird. Saw Trump 2020 signs next to Governor Parson signs. Republican and Democrat respectively

  33. Sociopathy as I understand it is lack of empathy. The word gets used around a lot "sociopath" but don't doctors and police officers also score high in sociopathy? Sort of makes sense to do their jobs. More accurately, I'd assume the mask-refusal would be linked to sociopathy and paranoia.

  34. Sociopathy also comes with a compulsion to break laws/rules/societal norms, so it makes a lot of sense why it would apply to wearing a mask

  35. Did I mention that the first thing you need is the answer

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